Love Pottery Town? We Found 7 City-Based Ceramic Brands For You To Shop From!

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Pretty much everyone who has lived in this city has traversed through the lanes of this tiny, independent and self-functioning town to land superb finds in the pottery and ceramics department. We'd say it's the rustic charm and the open display of skilled craftsmanship that has us loving Pottery Town so much! But, you'd all agree that getting here isn't an easy task (take into account traffic and the fact that this spot isn't centrally located). What if we tell you we can hook you up with pottery studios and ceramic brands in the city that will not only leave you spoilt for choice but also deliver online? That's right. Here's our list of Bangalore pottery studios and brands you can buy tableware from online.

These brands also hand make the most stunningly unique designs that we'd classify as rare finds. How's that for #somethingdifferent?

Amalfiee Ceramics

Amalfiee Ceramics has us head over heels in love with their brazen use of colour and abstract forms. Both these aspects result in designs and textures so full of character and charm, we reckon you too may be at risk of buying everything on their collection. If we had to pick, top favourites would be the Peppermint Coffee Mugs, Rouge Shell Platter and the uber cool Leaf Serving Bowls. That said, browse through their entire range on the LBB Shop for sure!

For #somethingdifferent check out the Chip & Dip Platters.

Trayah Pottery

Trayah Pottery

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Here's a little fun you can have while shopping for some stunning tableware -- pottery lessons! Trayah Pottery, has a pottery studio in Koramangala and scheduled classes for those who want to learn the stunning craft. If you're not taking a class, you could check out their website for small-batch collections of ramen bowls, mugs, sleek plates and more! We love their almost Scandinavian aesthetic and use of subtle pastel colours, especially the greys, browns and mixed glazes (hint: the copper and blue metallic bowls and plates). 

For #somethingdifferent check out the Japanese Kyusu teapots inspired Pourovers.

Earth Heart

Earth Heart

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Putting us in a deep trance, one that we like and do not intend to slip out of anytime soon are the wacky plates and bowls from sustainable Namma Ooru brand, Earth Heart. The no-nonsense white backgrounds painted with black patterns of crosses, wood grains, and grid lines -- give you a sense of beautiful imperfection. We totally heart the Grid Soup Bowl, the Cross Pasta Bowl and the River Curry Bowl. Earth Heart also makes unique Clay and Banana Fiber Pendant Lights.

For #somethingdifferent check out the Waves & Polkas Long Platter.

Tattva Handmade

Probably the closest in aesthetics to what you would find at Pottery Town, Tattva Handmade is for all things earthy -- be it shades of browns, beiges, off whites, creams or textures that mimic touching something raw and unfinished. Their speckled collection of Dessert Plates, Salad Bowls, Pasta Bowls, Snack Plates and Nesting Bowls all have a quiet charm about them. If you want something colourful, we recommend the Chip & Dip Platters in green and blue.

For #somethingdifferent check out the Contrast Rim Detail Kaapi Dabara Set.

Swaa Clay Studio

Swaa Clay

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Another city-based pottery studio that lets you get your hands dirty and make a vase, bowl or mug, we love Swaa Clay Studio through and through for their design sensibilities. Like the little dents in their coffee mugs or the bends and grooves of the Cielo Nuts Bowls or the leaf imprints on the Artic Cookie Plate -- they all tell you that anything handcrafted has a stamp of 'special' that comes along with it. The rusty, earthy and contrasting deep and pastel tones are also super eye soothing.

For #somethingdifferent check out the Rosado Teapot.



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The artistic side of us is shrieking with joy at the sight of Ta.da's hand drawn ceramics. Each doodle is more impressive than the last, and we don't know how they've managed to fuse fun and class together! What we know is that we want the Pine Tree Bowls that transport us to the mountains and the Marigold Dinner Plate pronto! The colours too, show a boldness like the in drawings. Think aqua marine, bright yellows and bright blues on their range.

 For #somethingdifferent check out the Yellow Deer Wall Plate.

Button Curry

Button Curry is an LBB crew favourite that has been bragged about time and again and rightly so. Their range screams opulence without the price tag -- we're talking about max level insta-worthy both in design and colour. It's super minimalist if you're wondering, yet alluring because of the deep glazes -- think apricot, cobalt, teal, burgundy and speckled snow. Just get all their Coupe Pasta Bowls, one in each colour, please!

For #somethingdifferent check out the Rimmed Side Plate in Pantone Colour Of The Year - Ultimate Grey.


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