Get Your Hands Dirty With The Best Bihari Food In Town

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What Makes It Awesome?

One thing that every Bihari identifies with is: “Litti-Chokha.” It’s a popular saying that “If Bihar were a country, Litti Chokha would be its national dish.” A dish which has largely remained confined to the home kitchens of Biharis. Littified is a first of its a kind food truck in Bangalore, serving authentic Bihari delicacies, but with a modern twist!

I visited Littifiedto try out their entire menu! And by the time I left, I was happy, as full as I could ever be (borderline pukish due to overeating, it was so tasty!) and feeling healthy (due to so much protein and complex carbs in Sattu!)

They serve their aloo Chokha with all the variety of Litthis on the menu. It is simple yet delicious, adequately spiced (not too spicy) and good in quantity. Along with the Litthi Chokha, they serve two amazing chutneys, although all these accompaniments reduce the taste of the original product a little bit, I didn’t mind it here because these chutneys were so flavourful that I liked their taste alone!

-Mix Veg Litti: Vegetables, Sattu and Cheese! Pure bliss. Little pieces of joy, flavour and delight!
-Paneer Litti: Soft paneer and Sattu filled inside the soft yet not crumbling dough!
-Egg Litti: Egg and Sattu! Another delightful and delicious preparation!
-Sweet Litti - very unique, don’t think I have had it anywhere in Bengaluru, the usual Litti covered in chocolate sauce and desi ghee! This is a bold play on their part as the public has never been exposed to such a thing. I love their thinking and the courage it took to bring out the project!
-Sattu shakes: The Indian version of the protein shake, this one shake is enough to power you through the day, it has so much protein and complex carbs(the healthy carbs). It has both sweet and salty variants.

The staff at this place is young and enthusiastic, very friendly and courteous. The services at this place are extremely fast, got my orders in a jiffy, although it wasn’t crowded at that time, I don’t think time will be a problem here.

Food trucks are a big question mark in terms of hygiene and even I was a little sceptical before going there but all my doubts were bashed when I saw how well maintained the truck was, although still new, time will tell how it is maintained, but I am optimistic.

One meal here won’t cost you more than 150 -200 bucks i.e. when you have an immense appetite, the place is cheap! Total value for money. Although the location shouldn’t be criteria to evaluate a food truck, for now, they are in Koramangala near Boho, so accessibility isn’t a problem.

I am going to visit this place time and again!

What Could Be Better?

More and more options needed!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids