Gooey And Fudgy! These Places Score Brownie Points For Their Delicious Brownies

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A brownie might be one of the easiest desserts to whip up but there’s little doubt that it can be the answer to all your sugar cravings. Whether they are made the classic way or presented with scoops of ice cream or packed into a shake, a brownie will never let you down. Get ready to lose your mind over these delicious brownie creations in town!


It’s the perfect place to order delightful brownies made with the best ingredients. Lamara sources its ingredients from all over the world, which reflects in the perfect balance of flavours. With The Classic Fudge brownie, Lamara precisely delivers on the awesomeness of fudgy brownies with chunks of decadent Dutch dark chocolate embedded in every bite, you must go with this if you love classic brownies. If you are looking for something exotic, we recommend the Pecan and Caramelised White Chocolate brownie enriched with toasted pecan nuts and Belgian caramelised white chocolate.

Happy Belly Bakes

This charming bake shop {now in two locations} is a wonderland for brownie worshippers. You can pick from a long list including delightful gooey, Oreo, walnut, and peanut butter versions. Yum!


If you are treating yourself to a brownie, then, why not the very best? Mumbai’s acclaimed Theobroma is now delivering to cities around the country and that includes good old Bangalore. Just shoot them a message on Facebook and they’ll have Red Velvet Brownies, Choco Chip ones and their buttery Millionaire Brownies delivered to your doorstep {it will take a couple of days though}.

Corner House

One of the bestsellers on their iconic menu is the Brownie Fudge Sundae. You can sink your teeth into a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, silken chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of peanuts. Don’t like peanuts? Then, order up the Brown Bomb.


Heavenly brownies without the guilt. Yep! Those do exist even if unicorns don’t. A must-try on their menu, the brownies here are made from almond flour and ragi.

Art Of Delight

Want to slurp on a brownie instead of chomping on it? Then, order up the Ultimate Brownie Shake here. The chocolate shake comes loaded with plain brownie chunks and bits of walnut brownie too. That’s not all. They also throw in Nutella, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. If you prefer dessert, then, the Brownie Fudge will prove to be an excellent choice.


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