From Pulled Pork Burgers To 7 Inch Numbers: Our Pick Of Koramangala's Best Burgers

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If you didn’t know, Koramangala’s burger scene is big, juicy, and definitely calorie-laden. And guess what we did? We spent months eating {devouring to be precise} every burger we could get our hands on in Koramangala and picked out the best of the lot. So presenting to you the top burgers in Koramangala that you can feast on. Oh, and did we mention that some of the burgers listed are monstrous?

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Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger from A Hole Lotta Love

Reader’s Vote

The Smoking Gun from Cafe Thulp

All American Cheese Burger from Truffles

It’s a sin if you haven’t had this cheesy burger from this eatery. Served with a side of potato crisps, this vegetarian {yes it is and is really good} burger comes with a cheese burst patty and a vegetable patty. One bite is enough for the cheese to burst  into your mouth and leave you feeling all happy and high. They do XL versions as well. Oh, and might we suggest you ask them to leave out the veggie toppings, because it sometimes ruins the taste.

Delish Level: 5/5

Bang For Your Buck: 4/5 {INR 185 for regular}

Shout Out To:  Peri Peri Chicken Burger, Criss Cross Chicken Burger, and The Hotty

The Smoking Gun from Cafe Thulp

This is the kind of burger that will have you thrown out of a Jain household. Meaty and juicy, this meat lover’s burger is available in either pulled pork or pulled beef version. The patty is cooked in BBQ sauce and smothered with chipotle mayo. Truth be told, eating this burger is almost like a carnage.

Delish Level: 5/5

Bang For Your Buck: 3/5 {INR 350 can be a bit expensive at the end of the month}

Shout Out To: The Birds Eye Chill and The Beirut Express

Heart Attack from Bundar

Now, this monstrosity of a burger isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a 7-inch burger with either a beef or chicken patty, bacon, egg, and cheese. Don’t ask us how we finished it. Just don’t. But you can always call us if you are going to have this the next time. We’ll cheer you on!

Delish Level: 4/5

Bang For Your Buck: – 4/5 {INR 480 for beef. The high rating is because it’s a big burger, guys!}

Shout Out To: Normal-sized burgers such as Baba Black Sheep {black bun}, Death by Bacon, and Hakuna Batata

Tickler Teriyaki from Blue Mustache

This burger comes with a Teriyaki-laced chicken patty that’s topped with Worcestershire sauce for that extra zing. Served with a side of fries, if you were like us you’d ask them to go easy on the mayo. Also, the iceberg lettuce is quite a pointless addition.

Delish Level: 3.5/5 {The lettuce and mayo kills the flavour}

Bang For Your Buck: 4/5 {INR 180}

Shout Out To: Mexican Wedges burger

Smoked Lamb Burger from The Local - Burger Bar

This meaty burger is perked up with an in-house sauce that tastes almost like a mix between a BBQ sauce and mayo. The smoked minced lamb patty wins it for us with its smooth and smoky texture, but maybe they could do away with the BBQ mushroom toppings.

Delish Level: 4/5

Bang For Your Buck: 3.5/5 {INR 220. We think the patty was a bit small for the price}

Shout Out To: BELT and BQ Chicken burger

Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger from A Hole Lotta Love

Now, it’s really hard to choose a favourite from the extensive burger menu at A Hole Lotta Love. But off the top of our heads, it’s this burger with its spicy grilled chicken patty that wins it for us. And that’s probably because we usually end up eating just the patty because it’s simply good. Served with a side of crisps, this burger is enough to fill your tummy.

Delish Level: 4.5/5

Bang For Your Buck: 5/5 {INR 180}

Shout Out To:  The Dirty Burger and The Big Ben

The Big Veggie from Bhukkad

In our meaty burger trail, we found one that vegetarians would like. Enter the whole wheat burger with a house-made patty that consists of veggies, kidney beans, and oats. The in-house mustard sauce and spicy hummus spread give it a very distinctive taste that we have fallen in love with.

Delish Level: 4/5

Bang For Your Buck: 5/5 {INR 90}

Shout Out To: Grilled Chicken Burger with garlic aioli spread and caramelised onions


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