Pizza Fries & Baked Mac N Cheese: Indulge In Bangalore’s Yummiest And Cheesiest Dishes

    Think cheese is mankind’s best invention? Then, read right on! You’ll be delighted to know that plenty of restaurants and street food stalls, in the city, serve up glorious and comforting dishes that ooze cheese. From roadside Maggi to gnocchi and fries – there’s nothing that cheese can’t touch and better! Here are Bangalore’s cheesiest dishes:

    Potato Gnocchi with Three Cheese Sauce @ Smoke House Deli

    Smoke House Deli

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    Cheesy dishes are aplenty on this popular restaurant’s menu. But we think the pillowy Potato Gnocchi doused in a silken three cheese sauce is the show stealer. Also featuring roasted vegetables, the dish is pretty heavy but will leave you with a big smile on your face!

    Baked Mac N Cheese @ Arbor Brewing Company

    Cheddar, parmesan, and mozzarella join forces to make the humble Mac N Cheese a winner! The cream sauce adds to the gooeyness of the dish and raises it oomph factor.

    Cheese Onion Maggi @ Shivam Snacks Corner

    The Maggi Man who has been a saviour to generations of students from Christ college deserves a spot on this list for his unfailing Cheese Onion Maggi. A layer of melting cheese sits on top of the generously spiced noodles transforming into one of best comfort, street foods in town.

    Cheese Burst Burger @ Peppa Zzing

    Peppa Zzing

    Infantary Road, Bangalore

    This popular burger joint is renowned for its meaty, monster-size burgers. But if it is cheese that you are hankering after, then, sign up for their Cheese Burst Burger that’s available in chicken, lamb, and beef version. The minced meat, for the patties, is mixed in with cheese before it hits the sizzling pan. And when you bite in, you get slurp on stringy, melted cheese that adds to the burger’s ‘OMG!” factor.

    Quattro Formaggio Pizza @ Brik Oven

    Brik Oven

    Ashok Nagar, Chennai

    Our favourite {yes, we have already admitted to this} pizza place does a stellar job of taking our love for cheese to the next level. The Quattro Formaggi is loaded up with mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, and blue cheese – need we say more?

    Bombay Sandwich @ Sai Sandwiches

    When you want to cheesy on a budget, then, hit this roadside stall that’s just off MG Road. Pick their Aloo Cheese Sandwich and you’ll get slices of toasty bread that come with oodles of cheese, spicy chutney and thin slice of potato jammed in between them.

    Cheesy Beef Fries @ Sanky’s Burgers

    Sanky's Burger House

    St.thomas town, Bangalore

    This burger shack is a neighbourhood favourite and has a whole list of cheese-loaded dishes on their menu. Chief among them is the Chilly Cheese Fries that’s doused in cheese and sprinkled with minced meat. Not in the mood for fries? Then, sign up for their Cheese Stuffed Chicken Wings and Cheese Balls.

    Chilli Cheese Momos @JCK Momos

    JCK Momos

    Hebbal, Bangalore

    Every evening this food truck doles out plump momos that are drowned in a creamy chilli cheese sauce and are stuffed with chicken. You can either pick the steamed or the fried version. And don’t forget their array of add-on sauces to add zing to your plate of momos.

    Pizza Fries @The J

    The J

    Ashok Nagar, Chennai

    Cheese and fries together – now there’s a match made in food heaven! The J nails this combo to perfect with the Pizza Fries that’s drizzled with mozzarella, jalapeno cheese and pizza sauce. Another cheesy fest is the cheese poppers and fries offering

    Mexican Street Croquette @The Open Box

    Crispy on the outside and filled with gooey, cheesy goodness on the inside, the Mexican Street Croquette gets your meal off to a rollicking start. The added bits of spicy jalapeno give the dish an added dimension.