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8 Brands That We Discovered In 2021 For Their Awesome Drip Coffee

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Coffee can be intimidating but we've all watched the entire season of Emily In Paris in one sitting to know that coffee and dessert are the perfect pairings (and so are those Parisian bakeries.) While we can't catch a flight to Paris, we can at least indulge in something sweet. And we want to make sure you know how to make good drip coffee at home. 

But picking the right coffee to go with the sweet treats can be intimidating, even more to the novice, especially with everyone on the bandwagon, showing off about their dalgonas (bhai, beat coffee hai yeh, ya toh feta hua!), Americanos, fresh filter coffee or overnight brews on social media.

I am here to tell you, that you don't need to be an expert on it, to love it or better still, gift it! So be it fancy stuff but in an easy to use format, or just really classic and good coffee that takes five minutes to brew, these brands make it easy to turn that coffee noob into a coffee connoisseur minus the hard work! So surprise away, cause we all know, everyone NEEDS coffee to get through! 

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

OK, this makes it to the list thanks to their lovely sampler set. Not only do you get a Cold Brew Blend (Espresso with Stone Fruit taste), but also their signature blend that is the Barbara Estate (espresso which tastes like White chocolate and has hints of caramel) and Bison Filter Roast (Filter with a hint of oranges). You can pick which grind you want, and they’ll send it across to you. Of course, they have plenty more on offer too, but if you’re starting out, this sampler set is enough to pique your interest.

Pair It With: The Everyone Party Mini Bars by The Whole Truth Foods because a sampler pack deserves an equally cool looking sampler to go with it.

Cohoma Coffee

Ideal for lazy daisies, or really anyone who loves coffee but is very new to it, Cohoma Coffee’s easy to use drip bags are my favourite. What I love is that you can get all their flavours in one easy pack. This means the signature Original Custom Roast, Cinnamon Hazelnut, and French Vanilla. All you need is a pretty mug, and hot water. Just add hot water to the coffee bags, and sip like you’re a true pro. I’ve tried these ones, and as much as I like my coffee simple and strong, the Cinnamon Hazelnut is gaining popularity! Apparently, they use cinnamon from Sri Lanka which explains why it’s so strong, but not overpowering. 

Pair It With: KIVU's vegan cinnamon cookies because I firmly believe there's no such thing as too much cinnamon.

Ground Up Coffee

Originally doling out only fine coffee beans ground to you liking and equipment, Ground Up Coffee now has drip bags for coffee. No need to stress about having a French Press or a Moka pot. Iced Americano to cappuccino, you just pour some hot water in the bags, and then you’re ready to go in about three minutes. A Bangalore-based coffee brand, I love the flagship blend, the Salwara, that blends plenty of different beans to get a rather strong final roast.

Pair It With: The cutest petite cookies from Mo's Bakery, especially these coffee-flavoured ones.

Home Blend

While they’re still ace at regular brews and grinds, Home Blend’s drip bags are just what I need to get me through the afternoons as they’re quite strong. Easy to use, these are also eco-friendly! Currently, they come in four options (the same as the usual blends) - a light roast original, medium roast Monsooned Malabar, Mysore Nuggets, and Mandheling. They're available in a box of 10 sachets and prices range from INR 499 - INR 899. The only slight downside to this is that you have to buy all the options separately as they don’t have a sampler set, nor a mixed bag. Ah well, more coffee for me! Once you’re used to these bags, then perhaps you may choose to graduate to other more complex coffee apparatus! Or be like me, go from the apparatus to these bags because convenience over everything! 

Pair It With: These Monsoon Harvest granola bars that have little chocolate chips in them and are perfect for a midday pick-me-up with your cuppa.

Sleepy Owl

Coffee for the noobs means Sleepy Owl has to in some way be associated. They’re pioneers, in my opinion, of making coffee easily accessible, and made it great for people who love coffee, but are not experts in making it. So, naturally, my top pick is Sleepy Owls, Dark Roast Hot Brew Bags. It’s 100% Arabica, and just need hot water, and five minutes to brew. Then be cool, pick up a book, and sip away. For those of you who like Cold Brews, their overnight brew is also fabulous. The pack is weighed, measured and all you need to do in pop one filter bag into a jug of water and leave it to brew for about 20 hours. Then voila, you’ll have about 500ml of freshly brewed coffee to throw some ice into and have a soothing cold brew to sip on. 

Pair It With: The Pop Trio by Decadenz which has 3 flavoured popcorn tubs you'll end up finishing in the 5 minutes your coffee is brewing.



icon-placeAvailable on LBB

To a coffee purist this may seem blasphemous but when all hell breaks loose in the mornings and one just cannot be bothered to brew coffee the old-fashioned way, they choose Coffeeza. Giving you that surge of caffeine in capsule form (yes!), this brand makes sure convenience doesn't deter from a gourmet experience. Super easy to use, just load the capsule in the coffee maker machine or pop it open into a cup for a shot of strong espresso! Coffeeza has a Classico, Intenso and even a Decaf version. Those who are adventurous will appreciate the Chocolate flavoured or the Hazelnut Brownie, a Brazilian and Ethiopian blend of Arabica Coffee, with hints of hazelnut. 

Pair It With: Waffle Chips With Chocolate Dip by Snackible because whether you're a coffee purist or willing to experiment, you can't go wrong with waffles.

Rage Coffee

Rage Coffee

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All anyone would need to enjoy Rage Coffee's delightful brew is a mug and a spoonful of their coffee. Scratch that. Their jar of two Premium Instant Coffee actually comes with a free coffee mug, so it's all sorted in a jiffy! Despite being instant, Rage boasts of a strong 100% Arabica beans cup of joe with a natural vitamin-base. So their coffee isn't just a crack in a cup or won't leave with a bitter watery taste but is rather refreshing and energising. Aside from jars of goodness, they also have shot tubes full of vitamins and caffeine.

Pair It With: Nutella & Hazelnut Granola by Brownsalt (Nutella doesn't need any convincing.)

Toffee Coffee Roasters

Best way to get someone excited about coffee is to go the cold brew route! With Toffee Coffee Roasters' Easy Brew Cold Brew Bags, this process is a breeze for anyone. Drop two pitchers of their dark and distinctive roasted arabica coffee into a one litre jar and put it into the fridge for 16 hours. And voila! You have a delicious cold brew that you can add water, milk, cream or sparkling water to according to taste and enjoy! For a bolder taste, we suggest skipping service the brew with extra ice. 

Pair It With: Chocolate Covered Dates by Kesar 'cause they're healthy, yummy, sweet and chocolatey - all at once!