Akshaya posted on 9th December

Mocha Fudge, Nutella Or Peanut Butter: 9 Places To Hit Up For The Cookie Monster In You

Christmas-time is almost here, and we’re getting into the spirit, thanks to the winter chill that’s now in the Bangalore air. We’re dreaming of warm cookies and milk or even with a cappuccino, perfect for those cold evenings spent curled up on the couch watching a movie or at your friendly, neighbourhood cafe. So we’ve done all the hard work of sampling, and found a list of Bangalore’s most delectable cookies: from the old classics like chocolate chip, to the new twists.

Love & Crumble Co.

Home baker, Anutha Shetty specialises primarily in cookies, and you’re not going to want to miss out on her sinful double chocolate chip, or creamy Nutella. Big enough to be shared by two, the cookies are baked with a generous dose of toppings. Just pop them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, and you’ll have oh-so-soft gooey cookies that will absolutely melt in your mouth. They also come individually wrapped in cute pink boxes, so they’re perfect for a pre-Christmas gift!

Hillstation Cafe

Hillstation is known for its eclectic food menu and on-point coffee, as well as it’s to-die-for cookies! We’ve tried them all and can safely say you’re not going to want to miss out on any. Apart from the traditional chocolate chip, they offer variations in white and dark chocolate, as well as a peanut butter version. They even offer out-of-the-box style cookies baked into cakes, or eaten as cereal. Seriously though, these cookies are crumbly as hell, hitting all the right spots between soft and crisp.

Melt It Down

Melt It Down is an at-home bakery run by Priya Vijan, and if you’re looking for a yummy variation on your regular chocolate chip cookie, check out their Double Chocolate Cherry cookies or Cranberry Orange Shortbread cookies. Their Peppermint cookies are perfect for the winter season — we’re dunking these straight into our hot chocolate. Best part is, they take requests, so go crazy!


These cookies are consistently soft and chewy, without ever tasting cakey. Try out their Almond and Butterscotch cookie, if you’re in the mood for something with a sweet edge to it, or pick up their Oatmeal and Raisin cookie if you’re craving a healthier teatime snack. Pair them with the Starbucks’s Christmas coffee releases for best results!

Cookie Man

Sure, this one’s no secret, it’s around every corner! But that doesn’t make their cookies any less yummy. Cookie Man even breaks their cookies down by type: crispy, crunch cookies, chocolate dipped cookies and indulgence cookies. We’re loving their Milky Choc Chews — it’s so gooey and chewy, and goes down perfectly with a glass of warm milk. They also sell gingerbread men and brandy snaps which are perfect for the holidays.

Happy Belly Bakes

Any dessert lover’s dream, Happy Belly Bakes has a delicious Mocha Fudge cookie you absolutely must try. Skip the coffee, this cookie will give you your caffeine hit for the day. But if you want some solid indulgence, order the hot chocolate to go with this.

Lluvia Bakery

Just because you’re treating yourself to something sweet doesn’t mean it needs to be unhealthy! Lluvia Bakery hand makes the yummiest treats, using unbleached, sugar, jaggery and oats — just a few of the many healthy ingredients you can find in their cookies. Their Cranberry and White Chocolate Chip cookie is the perfect way to get your daily dose of fruit without sacrificing your sweet tooth!

Lazy Suzy

Lazy Suzy’s double chocolate cookies are to die for! Crispy on the outside and oh-so soft on the inside, they’re absolutely filled with chocolate and will definitely make you crave for more. Their regular chocolate chip is pretty fab, too!


Filipino Crinkle cookies, Double Choco-Chip Fudge cookies, Marzipan White Chocolate cookies — Lavonne has it all! And this baking academy isn’t just for buying cookies, you can learn to make them, too! Check their website for weekend hobby classes — you might just be lucky enough to catch a cookie course.