Rasmalai Tres Leches To Hazelnut Creme Pot: Our Pick Of The Best Eggless Desserts In Town


    Desserts don’t discriminate. And that’s why you have something called eggless desserts for you to dig into. Of course, just because they are eggless doesn’t mean they are not delicious. The desserts in our list below are very much fun to eat and of course, “grammable”. What is a dessert when it’s not on your feed, right?  Well, we did the research so that you don’t have to, weeded out the duds, and found nine desserts in the city. Here’s our roundup of the best desserts in town — 100 percent sans egg.

    Apple And Cranberry Pie At Cafe Felix

    Cafe Felix

    Ulsoor, Bangalore

    If you love apple pie, then you are going to love Cafe Felix’s take on the classic. A stewed apple and cranberry {yum!} filling give this dessert its piquant sweet and sour flavour. Pair that with the homemade eggless vanilla bean ice cream, and you’ve got yourself a dessert to end your meal.

    Price: INR 225

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: For the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’, we say go for a top view shot of the dessert which has all the elements looking oh so pretty with the powdered sugar garnish.

    Hazelnut Creme Pot At Berry'd Alive!

    If not for the Hazelnut Creme Pot, we would have closed our eyes and ordered the other eggless dessert, Peanut Butter Crumble Pudding. This dessert with its crumbly hazelnut and cookie crumble pot base and decadent hazelnut chocolate ganache filling is a crowd favourite. Oh, and you are likely to ask for more of the chocolatey whipped cream topping. The little lashings of the intense salted caramel sauce bring the whole thing together.

    Price: INR 170

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: Ask your date or BFF to hold it against Berry’d Alive’s colourful walls so that the gorgeous whipped cream topping is highlighted.

    Rasmalai Tres Leches At Farzi Cafe

    Farzi Cafe

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Trust Farzi Cafe to whip up something adventurous on their dessert menu as well. The Mexican Tres Leches gets an Indian twist with rasmalai that’s made exactly how a tres leches is made — soaked in three textures of milk; evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. Served with carrot cream, the dessert is topped off with rose petal caramel net.

    Price: INR 355

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: If you want to get that beautiful rose petal caramel net, we suggest a side angle shot. You’ll also get the spongy layers perfectly.

    Belgium Chocolate Truffle At Smoor


    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    Decadent, chocolatey, and definitely yummy is how we would describe a spoonful of this yummy in the tummy. Soft chocolate sponge cake is layered with dark chocolate ganache, leaving you with a sugar rush and a craving to buy the whole damn cake. We suggest you take it slow and enjoy the slightly bitter flavour. Or you could go all out and finish it in one go.

    Price: INR 185

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: For that aesthetic look, top angle shot along with a mug of Smoor’s coffee, and a Murakami book should do the trick.

    The Panna Cotta At Sly Granny

    At Granny’s house, panna cotta comes in its natural glory — eggless. The chef’s here have baked a caramel custard inspired panna cotta that gets a very citrusy zing with citrus segments and a bit of crunch with the sesame whey crisp garnish. All in all, a dessert that you can have after you have indulged in Granny’s easygoing starters, small plates, and potent cocktails.

    Price: INR 249

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: Granny’s kooky interiors make for the perfect backdrop for taking your shot. Our pick of the backdrop would be wallpaper which features granny’s favourites — Arnold Schwarzenegger and pineapples.

    Baked Mysuru Pak At The Permit Room

    Baked Mysuru Pak is what happens when a Kannadiga is on the season 11 of MasterChef Australia. Rich in ghee and wrapped in pastry, the paks are baked to golden brown goodness. Served with fresh seasonal fruit salad and finished off with sticky toffee and berry syrups, this is one is sure to have Matt gushing. It certainly has us.

    Price: INR 250

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: An off-centre top angle shot is what will bring out the beauty of this dessert. The crockery at The Permit Room just makes things a lot more aesthetic.

    Blueberry Cheesecake At Enerjuvate

    While most of their desserts are vegan and we being absolute suckers for blueberry, it’s the vegan Blueberry Cheesecake at Enerjuvate that has our heart, soul, and tummy. Served in a jar, the cheesecake comes with a coconut cream based cheesecake layer sandwiched between an oats crust base and blueberry compote. It’s gluten-free as well, so say hello to guilt-free binge eating.

    Price: INR 175

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: Since it’s in a jar, it’s all about the layers. Hold it against the pretty garden space in the cafe and boom, you have a shot that’s worth sharing.

    Tiramisu De La Casa At Big Brewsky

    As the name suggests, this Big Brewsky dessert looks like a mini tiramisu house flanked by biscotti on either side and topped with a cherry. Sink in your spoon to demolish the coffee-laden goodness, we say. Save the biscotti for the last or you could simply scoop some of the dessert and pop it into your mouth — the choice is yours.

    Price: INR 200

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: Side angle shot works best to get the everything in the frame. The backdrop could have either the pool or one of the signature drinks. Any case, you’ve got yourself a winner.

    Dutch Truffle At Truffles


    Koramangala, Bangalore

    When you are Truffles, there’s no way you can skip out on the namesake dessert, the Dutch Truffle, right? Spongy, loaded with chocolatey goodness, and perfect ender to your date nights — that’s what the Dutch Truffle is to us. Of course, one can’t simply be happy with one slice and to us, two’s the norm, and three is borderline sugar coma. Well, in any case, be sure to have a slice whenever you are at Truffles.

    Price: INR 120

    LBB’s Instagram Tip: Side angle works best for this layered cake, but if you want to throw in some aesthetics order some shakes and fries to give that ‘I binge on junk’ effect.