Fab Fitness Gadgets & Accessories To Help You Stay Fit And Lit

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So you have extra time at home and have decided to get fit! Congratulations on finding that motivation. But getting out and getting fit isn’t always an option, and the flexibility of home workouts does make it easier. If your goal is to sweat, then no stress, but if you’re someone who likes to set goals, and actively work towards them, measurements are important. Be it level of exertion, number of steps, calories burned, or even hours slept. Here’s our pick of the best fitness gadgets to help become a healthier you. 

All prices are accurate as on the day this was published. 

DreamPalace India Jump Rope

DreamPalace India SKIPPING ROPE WITH DIGITAL COUNTING Jumping Rope Digital Cordless Skipping Rope

DreamPalace India SKIPPING ROPE WITH DIGITAL COUNTING Jumping Rope Digital Cordless Skipping Rope

If you’ve loved skipping and want to get something out of it, the DreamPalace India Jump Rope Counts your jumps for you, so you don't have to worry about tracking. Lightweight, with a fully adjustable rope, you don't even actually need batteries to power the rope. 

Price: INR 199

Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire

The Fitbit needs no introduction, and if you want to shop for one, there’s no dearth of options available. For those of you new on the Fitbit train, try the Fitbit Inspire. Lightweight, sleek, and versatile it can measure resting heart rate, track your activity, track your sleep (with bedtime reminders and alarms too!), and help you log in your food intake (and calories) among other things. Ladies, if you need a more in-depth understanding of your body, it can track your cycle too! Lasting up to five days on fu

Price: INR 7,999

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Health Sense Scan-Pro BF 425 Body Fat Analyzer and BMI Weighing Scale

This isn’t exactly a live tracker, but if you’re someone who is particular about muscle gain, fat loss, and body composition, this is a good option. So apart from weight loss, for those of you in the bulking or shredding stage, the Health Sense Scan Weighing Scale shows visceral fat percentage, water percentage, bone density, and muscle mass among others. You enter the data (Age, height, gender), and it does the rest (and recalls previous measurements too) for up to nine people!  

Price: INR 2,000. 

Mi Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band 4

We have to include this, especially if you want a quality product that’s more budget friendly than the Fitbit. Mi Smart Bands come with all sorts of features, and the Mi Smart Band 4 is no less. Apart from heart rate (24 hours!), sleep, calorie burn tracking, you can even get it to track and analyse your swimming strokes! Download the Mi App, and you’ll have a full record of everything as well as tips and suggestions based on your patterns. The straps can all be changed (colours, but separate purchases). You can also control the music you’re listening to, reject calls, and get social media notifications on it. 

Price: INR 2,299

HONOR Band 5

HONOR Band 5 (MeteoriteBlack)

Among all the (sleeker) bands here, the Honour Band 5 has a dynamic AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen, where you can adjust the brightness, and vividness of the display. Apart from the basic heart rate, sleep, and activity tracker, it has got sensors that enable smart tracking while playing sports also. The sport modes include but are not limited to Indoor (and outdoor) runs and cycling, walking, swimming, and workouts too. While you get extra features if you have an Honor phone, it works with any Android or iOS phone, with bluetooth enabled. 

Price: INR 2,200. 

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