Peeps, Biriyani Zone Serves The Tastiest Hyderabadi Biryani In Town

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What Makes It Awesome

I have been visiting Biriyani Zone for over five-years now, and I can vouch that it serves the best Hyderabad style Biriyani in Whitefield, if not entire Bangalore. Be it the in-restaurant dining experience or their speedy delivery, there is nothing to complain about this Biriyani place, which has a huge fan following over this part of Bangalore. We order from here so much that sometime we get bored, and move over to other Biriyani stops around Whitefield and finally can't wait to come back to Biriyani Zone.

Biriyani Zone serves authentic, Hyderabadi style dum biryani cooked over a wood fire, which brings out the best flavours from the rice as well as the meat. Let me warn you, this biryani is not for someone who cannot handle spicy food. And for somebody who can handle it, ask for the double masala in your biryani, it's super spicy you will start sweating through your scalp. Though their mutton biryani comes highly recommended, I haven't tried that yet.

Apart from their biryani, their tandoori dishes are good, must try from my long favourite list would be the chicken sholay kebab, and the chicken lollipop. They do have a minimal dessert offering, the Qurbani-Ka-Meeta with a scoop of butterscotch ice cream is the only way to cool down this spicy biryani.

Whenever my colleagues from the city, argue about which is the best biryani, I always challenge their choice by recommending Biriyani Zone. But unfortunately, to try this goodness, you have to make a trip all the way to Kundalahalli, crossing over the Marathalli flyover. I know, it's a little too much to ask for, considering Bangalore traffic. But hey I can confidently say that the trip to this biryani paradise is worth every pain you take to reach here.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing, since their biryani is perfect so enjoy it as it is.

What's My Pro Tip?

The best Hyderabadi dum biryani, with a perfect balance of flavour and spice, accompanied with excellent tandoori and Chinese mains, to top the food is the courteous staff and a quick service in a cool ambience, a must try for biryani lovers across Bangalore and beyond.

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