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Bored working from home? As Covid-19 is spreading around and so is fake news and false information, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your mind rot away while you wait for the virus to dwindle down. Whether it’s an early morning pep talk, something to get you through a post-lunch slump or a late night pick-me-up after a long hard day, we here at Team LBB sure love our podcasts —  from Indian history to a dash of comedy and even the latest in news. And the best part is they’re all free and come without annoying advertisements!

Sanjay Manaktala - Global Comedian Podcast

If you’re a fan of comedy, then don’t miss out on this hilarious podcast by Sanjay Manaktala. The comedian got his early start in Los Angeles, and moves back-and-forth between Bangalore and the States. If you’re looking to discover new talent, or get to know more about your old favourites on the comedy scene, Manaktala interviews them all. Expect interviews from top comedians like Danish Sait, Sundeep Rao and Dwayne Perkins with hilarious anecdotes. It’s the perfect entryway to discovering comedy gold!

Audiomatic: The Real Food Podcast

This podcast is hosted on Audiomatic, which serves as a great source for high-quality, genre-defining content. Narrated by popular Indian food columnist Vikram Doctor, The Real Food Podcast delves into the origins, legends and lived experiences of food in India. From the rise in popularity of Western-style cakes, to the phenomenal success of Marie biscuits becoming a staple on the Indian tea-time scene, and even the perfect round roti, he delves deep into the pockets of India’s food nostalgia and history. Bangaloreans especially should have some pretty strong thoughts about his episode on Indian beers and the origins of IPA!

Audiomatic: The Myth And Culture Podcast

The Myth And Culture Podcast is created in association with and hosted on Audiomatic. Staying true to its word, Devdutt Pattnaik, popular for his mythology-based novels, and Jerry Johnson, a writer and speaker on Western philosophy, explore ancient mythology and it’s relation to the present. The duo draw threads between the past and present, the masculine and the feminine, equality and authority — all themes present in several of Pattnaik’s books. If you’re looking for a dose of culture, or don’t know where to start, they take you through topics step-by-step without being redundant. If you live in a busy part of the city like I do, this one’s perfect to listen to while sipping your evening tea, earphones plugged in and these pearls of wisdom drowning out the roar of traffic.

Song Exploder

Sure, this one isn’t made in the motherland, but it’s by American-Indian Hrishikesh Hirway. Covering artists from rap/hip-hop group Flatbush Zombies to indie classics like Wheezer, the podcast focuses on a different song each week. Hrishikesh speaks with the talent behind the music, giving you the lowdown on the process that goes into each single. If you’re an aspiring musician, an audiophile or even just plain bored, then you’ll love Song Exploder. It’s a fun (and informative) way to keep up with new music — Hrishikesh curates a great selection of songs from a varied range of artists and bands, both popular and new to the scene.

Kaan Masti

Suresh Menon and José (pronounced Hozaay, he’s very particular) Covaco host this outrageous, unplanned podcast. Unrestricted clips of them talking about everything from orgasms to politics on Twitter are sure to scandalise, although honestly it can be pretty mild… until it’s not. Expect hilarious soundbites and sound loops interspersing their conversations to wind you down after a tough day at the office — at the very least it’ll have you chuckling and shaking your head at the ridiculousness.


If you want to add a little bit of fun to your listening experience, and love the latest in celeb gossip, Neha Dupia’s your girl. This sharp and hilarious podcast gives you excerpts of Neha’s life, as well as those of her super famous friends. Expect sessions with Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor and more. Neha approaches topics candidly and personably, so expect plenty of screams of horror, hysterical laughing and stories you definitely don’t want your kids to hear!

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