10 Best Japanese Restaurants In Bangalore We Keep Going Back To

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Bangalore’s Japanese food scene has been getting better over the years and while some of our older favourites have shut shop (sigh we miss Sakae), we are glad the OGs and new ones have filled that space. Our favourite Japanese restaurants in Bangalore are doing more than just serving sushi and ramen, some are standalone ramen bars, some are izakayas, and others give an elevated Japanese fine dining experience. Below, find 11 fantastic Japanese restaurants that we want you to check out around town if you haven't already. 


Harima is one of the first Japanese restaurants in Bangalore having started way back in 2004 and they offer everything from salads to sushi, with plenty of sake thrown into the mix. We are fans of their Okonomiyaki, and we are always ordering one too many karages whenever we are here.

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Negi Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Buta Miso Yasai Itame 
Oyako Donburi, and Tori No Shioyaki


Located inside The Chancery Hotel, you'll find lots of Japanese expats having a beer or two almost every time you go there. We love how there are private dining spaces and the space is neatly done up with minimal aesthetics. We are fans of the sashimi here and, they do a good juicy karage too! Their shogayakis are also something we often order to the table. 

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Salmon Sashimi, Spicy Tuna Roll, Hamachi, Buta Shogayaki, Tori Karage, Katsu Curry, Yaki Udon, Paitan Miso Ramen 

Azukii Bistro

The Japanese bistro is such a pretty spot with the indoor seating being our favourite. There's bar seating where you can get your sushi served to you if you are sitting there. The menu is an extensive one and features everything from nigiri and sashimi to udon and fried noodles, and everything in between. Plus, they do sake, umeshu, and other Japanese drinks. And don't miss out on the Japanese sweets – the doriyaki is so good!  

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Salmon Nigiri, Tori Paitan Ramen, Tantanmen Ramen, Oyako Don, Seafood Kakiage, Pork Chashu Bento, Daifuku Mochi, and Doriyaki


The izakaya-style Japanese restaurant is popular for its open-kitchen set-up, yakitoris, and the ambience. We love the Tori Kushi yakitori that gives you five kinds of chicken skewers with the tsukune or meatballs being our favourite. The butabar stamina from the pork section is another favourite. Order their gyozas and the aburi chashu (torched pork belly) to go with your beer and drinks. And their ramen is one of our favourites in the town with the Tantanmen and the Kuuraku Black ramen getting our thumbs up. 

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Iekei Ramen, Tantanmen Ramen, Oyako Don, Tori-no Karage, Aburi Chashu, Teppan Gyozas, Tsukune Yakitori, and Butabara Yaki 


The contemporary Japanese restaurant at Shangri-La offers fine-dine Japanese food with a stellar view and a service to back it all up. The menu is curated by Chef Yoshinori Mizutani and you'll find options like lobster tempura to yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice). But we recommend that if you love your sushi and sashimi, then definitely try the well-crafted range including some of the carpaccio. Plus, there's teppanyaki and robatayaki on the menu too. 

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Lobster Tempura, Flamed Sushi Nigiri, Salmon Carppacio, Tori Karage, Buta Yaki, Chicken Ramen, and Yakimeshi

Naru Noodle Bar

Bangalore's first and only standalone ramen noodle bar is where you need to head to try ramen that will transport you to the streets of Japan. Chef Kavan who helms the show does six kinds of ramen along with seasonal ramen and small bites. Of course, if you've been in Bangalore for more than a month, you'd know how notoriously difficult it is to get a reservation. But the good news is they have expanded which means more seating. 

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Tonkotsu Ramen, Spicy Tori Ramen, Gyozas, and Chicken Karage 


Another fine dining Japanese restaurant where you can treat yourself to some good food. The restaurant's name is inspired by the Edo era of Japanese history and its menu is very izakaya-style with its signature dishes being sashimi platters, Teriyaki chicken, robatayaki and bento meals. There's sake on the menu too. Plus, they also do extensive Sunday brunches! 

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Dynamite Urumaki, Buta Shogayaki, Tori Teriyaki


The Chennai-based brand's outpost in the city comes with tatami seating (low-floor Japanese seating) and as well as long tables if you are coming in a group of six. Plus, private dining space as well. The menu is extensive and on the occasions we've been here we've stuck to the staples because it just works. 

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Tori Karage, Age Gyozas, Salmon Nigiri, Donburi, Tempura Soba 


The UB City hotspot is a popular Japanese restaurant in Bangalore and their brilliant Sunday brunch is not to be missed. The Bento box is a sure winner at Shiro’s – you’ll be delighted with a box filled with nigiri, maki and sushi with an assortment of makimono rolls. Plus, Shiro is a great spot for lazy weekday lunches and catch-ups with the crew. 

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Tebasaki Chicken Wings, Yakitori, Hamachi Carpaccio, and Hibachi Rice 

Wabi Sabi

With a menu that's been crafted by Chef Randy Cultivo and Chef David D'Souza, this fine-dine Japanese restaurant at The Oberoi is your go-to spot when you want to treat yourself. Try out the Wabi Sabi signature sushis while you are there. The hand-rolled temaki is also something worth trying. Oh, and you can always go for the set menu options if you want to try a bit of both. There's also the Omakase menu 

Must-Try Japanese Dishes: Salmon Nigiri, Hamachi, Rings Of Fire, Katsu Curry


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