Best Of All Pizza In Town Are Served Here Only!

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What Makes It Awesome?

If there's any dish which gets desired by all and receives the love always, its Pizza. Every slice of it spells a magic one you. Pizza is more than just being a fast-food to me, to be honest, it is a symbolism of a celebration and to celebrate my love of it I have been a place called Red Tomato. With the aesthetic ambience, highlighting the Pizza speciality and smell of wooden oven makes it feel too good the moment I stepped in.

To start with, I have tried out Melon Sizzler beverage which had fresh watermelon juice with the portion of soft drink soda with black pepper giving it a refreshing spicy taste. Next on appetizer front, there were crispy french onions served with cheese dip, potato & leek, cheese-sprinkled watermelon & feta.

On starters, we have got boiled grams stuffed in between the roll of soft covering - Channa Stromboli, Potato Basket - a full platter of assorted dishes, Pesto Paneer Bruschetta with panner topped on the roasted piece of the bread. Then comes up the star of the show "Death by Pizza" - a double floored pizza with thin-crust on the bottom topped with paneer, capsicum and cheeses with the soft circular base on above of it with seasonal veggies and cheese one more time. Indeed, the name suits the dish best and it was not all be finished by one person no matter how affectionate you are towards Pizza, you must get your gang along if you do want to finish it off.

But among all, the one which got the limelight was the Cheese Wheel Alfredo Veg. There is a wholesome pot of cheese which gets heated up right in front of you bringing out the aromatic cheese smell indeed gonna make you feel Cheese-high. Once the cheese gets melted at proper proportion, pasta ingredients and the white sauce gets mixed on it. After mixing them all and serving them on the plate, seasonal veggies and toppings got added to it and served right in front of you. So yeah, it does taste good but more than it deserves to be on your plate for the experiential ecstasy of it.

Putting it all together, I am delighted that I have got to explore the place and cuisine here. This is the place for all, either its a catchup, a date or a group gathering, if you share the love for Pizza then don't miss this place out, guys.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae.