PUBG Is Banned: Here Are Other Online Video Games To Play Instead

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While you are being all cool and practising social distancing, we get that it'll get a bit too annoying staying in touch with people via calls or text. To beat that, we give you online video games. This list of the best online video games contains games that the folks at LBB's tech team have been playing a lot. So much so that they got everyone into gaming. Make sure you share this list of best online games with your friends and keep in touch with them while you are staying indoors. 

Stardew Valley

In this super fun and relaxing game, you play a city slicker who's moved to the valley to manage your grandpa's plot of land and farm it. Your goal in the game is to make the plot of land fertile and grow a range of crops by doing small tasks that will go on forever until you achieve the perfect farm. The best part is, you don't have to do it alone. You can opt for the multiplayer mode when you can build the farm along with friends. 

Where To Play It: Steam, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One


Fortnite's hype is very real and apart from being one of the most popular online games out there and it's got a co-operative multiplayer mode that we all love. The best part about this free game is that it's creator Epic keeps updating the game so frequently (these are called skins) that it's the gold standard when it comes to easy accessibility and content availability. There are thousands of modes to play in Fornite. Gather your squad and get on the hyper wagon. Doesn't matter if you are late. 

Where To Play It: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

Don't Starve Together

Sure we get that the title is grim, but in this online multiplayer co-operative game, the goal of the game is you along with your friends need to survive a hostile world as long as possible (yeah, we took our quarantine paranoia to the next level). Your friends and you need to gather resources to build fire, cook food, get supplies, find a place to live and work together to craft weapons from whatever is available. A true test of friendship this game is as you'll find out which friends you can rely on in a life-or-death situation (we're just being dramatic. Or are we?)

Where To Play: Steam, Mac, Windows 

Asphalt Legends

We think that this is one of the best online multiplayer racing games out there. And we love the multiplayer section that allows you to race with your friends in real-time. The game has various race tracks that are spread around the world, and you get a host of super-detailed cars to race in -- Aston Martin Vulcan, Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 GTS Coupe, Ford GT, LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and  Lamborghini  Aventador. 

Where To Play: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Nintendo Switch 

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Shooting games that have multiplayer modes are the best and this game does just that. You can team up with up to five friends and fight to the death against other folks in true FPS-style. Oh, and did we tell you that once you die, you can come back to life within the same gameplay? Yeah, it's super cool! You can access classic multiplayer maps that include Crash, Nuketown 2, and Hijacked. Also, guys, you get to play as Alex Mason, Simon "Ghost" Riley, and John Price -- yeah these guys are there! 

Where To Play: Android, and iOS

Catan Universe

If FPS and racing isn't your thing, then this online strategy multiplayer is the game for you. Based on the Catan board game, you need to place your settlements and roads strategically, fight with your friends over the multitude of resources and just the like the board game, strategically think and outsmart your friends. Since this is a long game, you can play it while you are taking a break from work as you can play it on the browser as well. 

Where To Play: Browser, Android, iOS, and Steam

Catan is also one of the best board games to play! If you're interested in other classic and cool board games check this list out!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This game takes the cherry when it comes to using separation to maximum advantage. You are locked in a room and you need to defuse the bomb with the help of your friends. The catch is that they have the manual and they can't see the bomb. You'll be racing against the clock and you'll need to defuse the bomb before you get blown up. Virtually that is. It's super fun, especially when your friends are screaming at you and telling you instructions that may cause you to panic a bit. 

Where To Play: Android and iOS

Plants v Zombies

It's a classic and there's no way we're skipping out on this. Forget the solo campaigns however fun they are and instead dive deep into the multiplayer and co-op modes where you can battle it out with and protect the tower. If you haven't played this game ever (how can you not?) this is the perfect chance to play it. 

Where To Play: Android and iOS

Mario Kart Tour

It's such a super fun and easy game with your friends and with the multiplayer option now available, the game got a whole lot interesting. Only available for smartphones, so it's all touch countrolled and the best part is you don't even have to work too hard to game. Just swipe left or right (you know the drill) to turn and tap to get items. Go on and have some fun! 

Where To Play: Android and iOS

Rocket League

In this rocket-car football game, co-op is the best thing there is and you can have matches that are 1v1 to 4v4, so gather your BFF and rest of your squad and play it for hours. Since its co-op, every single one on your team needs to be communication non-stop to coordinate and win the match by attacking, defending and even goalkeeping. Once you and your squad has mastered the art, you can sign up for the league-based system and see how well you do with the rest of the world. 

Where To Play: Android and OS