Check Out The Oh So Delicious Chaats And Paranthas At This Place!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Visited Tiwari's Ghee Paratha & Chaats on a Friday evening, for some chats.

This place has a wide variety of chats, parathas, lassis etc. I tried the chilled rose milk and sweet lassi with gulkand. Sweet lassi with gulkand is very sour and bit sweetish, it's totally a different flavour. Try them based on your taste.

Tried Dahi puri chaat and samosa chat. Dahi puri chat has the best taste my personal favourite, with a proper amount of dahi, mixture and all other ingredients.

Tried Rajasthani paratha and Palak Paneer Paratha, I used to normally dislike parathas, but in this case, one of the very finest parathas I would say, and especially butter on top. Both were incredible in their own way.

Finally, tried khowa jamun, never heard of it. U know no one can hate jamun, I could really feel the khowa taste in Jamun. Loved it too.

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