Aloo, Onion And Chocolate: Where To Get Your Pakoda Fix With Your Gang

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What could be better than spending a lazy day, watching the rain outside while you gorge on some freshly fried snacks? And nothing says monsoon like a plateful of deep fried, hot pakodas for those cool evenings. Especially when you have a choice of fillings to spoil you silly. Whether it’s the good old onion pakodas or the more tempting chocolate fritters, there’s something for everyone. LBB picks out places for you to hit up for scrumptious pakodas, this monsoon. Go on and take a break from the calorie counting.

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Indy HOP

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Before you tuck into the combos or the rich curries here, why not start with a plate of assorted pakodas {or even make a meal of it}? Along with the classic onion version, they have fritters with fillings like aloo, paneer, bread, gobhi and bell peppers. Ideal for that rainy day when all you want to do is sit back with a cup of hot chai and some snacks.

Price: INR 150

Indy HOP

If you have pakodas on your mind, look no further than Indian House of Pakodas aka Indy HOP {the name says it all}. Skip the regular Onion Pakoda and Gobhi Pakoda here for their more interesting Punjabi Paneer or Palak versions. While you’re at it, get yourself some of their Dilli Ka Bread Pakoda and crispy Mushroom Fritters. For those with a sweet tooth, we’d suggest the Ferrero Rocher chocolate fritters.

Price: INR 45 upwards

Tea Brew

Along with their teas, light eats, breakfasts and mains, Tea Brew has a selection of crunchy pakodas on offer. While they do have Aloo, Onion and Paneer ones to pick from, we suggest you go ahead and try the house special Bhutta Pakoda {corn fritters}. Pair it up with a cup of their Masala Chai or Filter Coffee.

Price: INR 90 upwards


Reviving the Irani cafe culture which is popular in Bombay, SodaBottleOpenerWala has Parsi, Irani and Bombay street food to please your palate. This includes the popular Kanda Bhaji aka onion fritters, crispy and prepared in typical Bombay style. Make sure to ask for a cup of their Irani Special Chai to go with it.

Price: INR 125

Kapoor's Cafe

A no-frills restaurants serving flavourful North Indian dishes, Kapoor’s Cafe has an array of snacks to load up on before you turn to the mains. If it’s crispy pakodas that you’re craving for, the Bread Paneer Pakoda {with soft cottage cheese stuffed between slices of bread} or the Aloo Pyaaz variant will have you sorted.

Price: INR 90 upwards


When it comes to pakodas, Chaipatty spoils you for choice with their options like Aloo, Onion, Palak, Gobi, Bread, Paneer and Egg. Or, go on and order yourself a platter which gives you an assortment of 15 pakodas to gorge on!

Price: INR 70 upwards


What’s a bar got to do with pakodas, you wonder? Well, here’s one for the meat lovers. While Bootlegger’s pub grub, steaks and drinks are enough to promise you a great evening out, look out for their juicy Chicken Pakodas. They make for a great snack to go with your tipple, we think.

Price: INR 200

Kitchen Of Joy

While Kitchen Of Joy’s Indiranagar outlet seems to have only Aloo Pakodas {the Bengali version, in fact, called Alur Chop} on their menu, the Vignan Nagar restaurant has Paneer, Egg and Chicken versions of the snack for you to pick {or order} from.

Price: INR 60 upwards


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