Neha posted on 3rd November

Eat Like a King or Queen in Indiranagar Under INR 500

It’s that time of the month again. When wallets begin to get reasonably lighter, the endless wait for next month’s salaries begins, and suddenly going out for fun and frivolous coffees and elaborate buffets seems near-impossible. Help is here, with our handy list of where to eat – or rather eat like a king, at the budget of a pauper {all under 500 bucks} in F&B central: Indiranagar.


The Sunday crowd at the Full Gospel Assemblies of God Church 6th Main forms the major lunch audience at Acchayan’s, but otherwise too, this tiny Mallu mess is mighty popular with budget eaters. Their fish fry and fish curry is legendary as are the Squid {INR 120}, Prawn {INR 200}, Crab {INR 200} and Duck roast {INR 180}, to be mopped up with a flaky Kerala Parotta {INR 15 each}.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Besides the splendid breakfast items {INR 35 onwards}, this branch of the Chennai-based darshini serves some memorable Akki Rottis and Ragi Rottis {each INR 50} during evenings.

Ants Cafe

Stop here for your snacking needs, the laid-back ambience, and the long list of teas {INR 59}. We also favour the potato wedges {INR 135} and the wicked brownie {INR 130}.

Berry'd Alive

The last 500-rupee note in your wallet is good for several desserts at this dessert cafe: we love the strawberry crumble and the hazelnut creme pot {both INR 160}.


Snacks and comfort fare rule the roost here. We can’t think of anything better than a plate of freshly-fried onion pakodas {INR 70}, Corn Churmur {INR 70} and a cup of Kullad Chai {INR 50 upwards} to pass the time on a rainy evening.


Those who claim that they will never go to eat at an Empire are probably lying. Haven’t we all been in that situation, when, after bar hopping, we have ended up late at night at Empire tucking into its version of greasy Butter Chicken, totally not authentic but oh-so-good {INR 195 for half and INR 345 for a full portion}, and Ghee Rice {INR 66}? Wash this down with one of Empire’s rather good freshly-squeezed fruit juices {INR 58 upwards}.

Glen's Bakehouse

If you can manage to find seating in this ever-crowded but charming coffee-house, head straight for the cupcakes {INR 50}: the red velvet is a crowd favourite. Pair with a good, strong cup of coffee {INR 50}.


Their tagline says “All Day Bonhomie” and at those wonderful prices, we are thinking “All Day Partying” too. Cocktails such as Watermelon and Basil Mojito {INR 250}, Spiced Rum Old Fashioned {INR 275} or a Guava Balsamic Bloody Mary {INR 250} at throwaway prices and generously portioned bar bites {INR 120 upwards}, there is a lot you can eat and drink here with 500 bucks.

Lakeview Milk Bar

Craving retro fare? Lakeview Milk Bar’s old-school desserts and sandwiches are here for you. We like the roast lamb sandwich {INR 120} and the peach Melba {INR 160}.


Take our advice. Just order the veg meal here first and then add on those spicy, peppery and fiery Chicken Fry, Mutton Roast or the Fish Curry. Their Chicken Biryani {INR 220} in a size small is perfect for a mini indulgence.

Sethji Home Made Food

For home-style Punjabi fare, look no further than Sethji. Set in the ground floor of a house, the menu here comprises parathas {INR 80} served with curd, Rajma Masala, Chana Palak and other veg gravies {INR 80 upwards} and a veg meal that costs a mere INR 80.


The bricks on the walls are replete with ecstatic messages praising Tayabb’s, and for good reason. This little eatery is the perfect post-drink stop. For less than INR 500, you can get more than enough fare for two. Try the Roomali rotis, Mutton Kheema Rolls, and the the Mutton Baida Roti. Even simpler rolls start at INR 40.

The Kitchen of Joy

This hole-in-the-wall Bengali joint offers snacks and savouries such as cutlets and samosas {INR 20 upwards} and Kolkata-style Kathi rolls {egg, veg, chicken and mutton priced at INR 50 upwards}. They have some heavier snacks such as Bengali breakfast staples like Luchi with Aloor Dum, Mutton Kosha and Mutton Kheema {INR 100 upwards}.


We know, we know – Toit is where you go to celebrate, not to pinch pennies. Still, with carefully picked choices – a beer and a plate of nachos, perhaps – this brewpub needn’t be out of bounds.

Viceroy Sarathi's

The starters here come for as low as INR 50 {the humble wafers or Masala Papad} and their Mangalorean mains are generously priced too at INR 180 upwards. The alcohol is also wallet-friendly.


Though run by a legit Chinese gent, Wanley offers really good and greasy Indian Chinese fare. We love their slow cooked Chilly Roasted Pork {INR 160}, their Chilly Chicken Dry {INR 150} and Wanley mixed meat and seafood fried rice.

Tadka Singh

Their Meal of the Day comprising 1 curry, 1 veg with paratha and rice is priced at INR 250 {veg} and INR 300 {non veg}. But their combos such as Rajma Chawal {INR 180}, Kheema Pav {INR 200} and Cholle Kulche {INR 180} are big meals by themselves.