Our Curated Guide to Kalyan Nagar's Bustling F&B Scene

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Home to a large student and expat population, Kalyan Nagar’s restaurants and cafes offer exotic and familiar treats at pocket friendly prices. Korean BBQ, chocolate sandwiches and momos, wood-fired pizzas and chunky burgers are all part of the foodscape and waiting to be devoured. LBB scouts for the best in the locality.

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BYLI - Bet You Love It

BYLI’s comfort food is a huge hit with its constant stream of patrons. Start off with tempting offerings from their appetiser section. The Devilishly & Deliciously Hot Chicken Wings will whet your appetite. While the BYLI Calamari adds plenty of crunch to your meal. You can then move on to trying popular picks like the Spaghetti Bolognese that comes with generous doses of lamb mince and olives, chicken stuffed tacos or any of their long line of pizzas.

Aioli BBQ & Grill Smokehouse

Kalyan Nagar’s favourite grill house offers a relaxed ambience where you can linger over a meal. White and blue walls paint a picture of calm as you chomp your way through BBQ Oriental Prawns, Lamb Kababs and Char Grilled Butter Fish. They have now added wood-fired pizzas and pastas to the menu too.

The Local

Tucked into a by-lane in Kalyan Nagar, The Local operates as the neighbourhood’s favourite watering hole. Grab a chair in the cheery surrounding and guzzle down budget-friendly bar bounty accompanied by nibbles. From the food menu, we recommend that you stick with the nibbles. The spiced-up Chilli Beef, the rustic Uncle Naidu’s Mutton Chops, and the Barbeque Chicken Wings – all come highly recommended. 


The popular pizzeria has recently opened up shop in the bustling locality. For those of you who love for your pizza to come topped with delicious ingredients, this place is perfect. The Prawn & Pesto Pizza rules the popularity charts. You can also sink your teeth into Bacon & Egg, Creamy Roast Chicken, and Banana and Chocolate versions. Finish up with bite-sized Chilly Chocolate Tarts.


Don’t let Thran’s humble surroundings fool you.  This is one of the rare places in the city that serves authentic Korean cuisine without taxing your pocket too much. Serving up Korean classics, you can indulge your palette with rounds of Bimbimbap, Pork Bulgogi, Dried Seaweed Rolls, and Kimchi of course. For more, click here

Hi Seoul

While this restaurant does serve Chinese food, it’s the Korean specials that you need to set your eyes on. Begin with the generously-portioned Beef Gimbap {Korean sushi, available in chicken too}. For mains, the fried rice that comes packed with egg, peas, and bits chicken pairs excellently with the condiments that are brought to the table. Including the Korean pancake, fermented beans, and the stewed potatoes. If you are here on a balmy day, do try the Beef Hotpot. For more, click here


A hidden gem, Majlis is run by the sons of legendary chef – Imitiaz Qureshi. While their consistency can be a bit off, eating here can more often than not be a rewarding experience. The creamy Murgh Chandni Tikka and the ghee-laden Galouti Kebabs are lip-smackingly good. Follow this up with flaky Warqi Parathas and their lightly-spiced biryani. For more, click here.


Popular with the student crowd, Hoppipola is a cheery place where the drinks come cheap. There’s plenty to do as well with board games and comics being easily available. Their cocktails come at the rock-bottom prices and we recommend the Mojitos and Margaritas here. When you want to nibble on something choose the Smokin Carlos – a flaky, cigar-shaped pastry that comes loaded with cheese. There are also potato wedges and crispy chicken balls. They churn out decent pasta and pizza as well. For more, click here.


Yep, Kalyan Nagar has its very own brewery. Just a couple of weeks old, Brewklyn is all ready to win over ale lovers with their brews that include wheat, strong wheat, and lager versions. You can pair these up with choices from their vast menu. You can nibble on Chilli Cheese Toast, Chicken Nachos, and a feiry Bhut Jholkia Pork. Pasta, burgers, and pizzas make up the rest of the menu.

Alibaba Cafe And Restaurant

The legendary Frazer Town restaurant has now opened shop in Kalyan Nagar. Known for its Bhatkali and Arabic offerings, this restaurant works best for non-vegetarians. The Kukdi Maas Tikka, where pieces of chicken are coated in a chilli paste and grilled, and the Al Faham Dajaj {BBQ Chicken} get you off to a great start. The Bhatkali Biryani, Shewso {Prawn} Masala, and Talla Shayo {vermicelli cooked with the meat of your choice} make for great main course options.

Countryside- The Taste Of Chettinad

Budget-friendly, Chettinad delights await you at this restaurant. Sign up for their veg or non-veg meals and have your fill of Chettinad staples. You can pair these with the Chettinadu Chicken Roast, the Mutton Sukka, and the Fish Fry. They even have Kotthu Parottas {minced parottas that come mixed with meat} and Kheema Dosas.


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