Punjab Grill, Krishna Kafe, And Cafe Thulp: Your Guide To Koramangala’s Most Iconic Restaurants

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Being one of the city’s top restaurant and nightlife districts, Koramangala has given us its fair share of gems. All sorts of restaurants, in the area, seem to be committed to their mission to bringing customers memorable gastronomical experiences. And a few have even emerged victorious! Koramangala’s list of iconic restaurant includes everything from posh dining options to humble South Indian joints. And LBB find out why these restaurants deserve to be in that hallowed list.  

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Punjab Grill

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Punjab Grill

Started off by the legendary restaurateur — Jiggs Karla — Punjab Grill, though now a franchise, takes the hearty flavours of, well, Punjabi cuisine and gives it a touch of sophistication. You can begin your meal here with their flavourful shorbas before turning your attention to their kebab section. Here, everything from the Kakori Seekh Kebab {spiced minced mutton that’s skewered and grilled} to their Murgh Malai Tikka and Dahi Kebab has our heart. The mains section is dotted with classics like Sarson Da Saag, Murgh Lababdar, and Nalli Gosht that pair splendidly with their biryanis and Indian breads.

Sree Krishna Kafe

A no-fusss South Indian joint it may be but Sree Krishna sure knows how to impress its never-ceasing line of customers. You can concentrate on savouring their tried-and-tested offerings like Podi Masala Dosa or Onion Uttapam. Or try their more innovative dishes like the Fried Idly or the Rasam Vadai {vada dunked in a peppery rasam}. You won’t be disappointed either way. If you are here during lunch hours don’t forget to sign up for their meals.


It’s easy to see why Truffle is always packed to the rafters with people — they offer comfort food at pocket-friendly prices and that has earned them much love. Patrons here come by for their delicious burgers like their classic Cheese Burger, the Lamb Burger, and the Peri Peri Chicken Burger. Their main course options like the Chicken Diane {fillet wrapped with minced chicken before being char-grilled}, the Chicken Cordon Bleu, and the Classic Chicken Steak have many takers too.


One of the most popular dive bars in the city, Sathya’s is perfect for a booze-filled night on a budget. A favourite across the board, you’ll find broke students rubbing shoulders with hip techies here. Order your tipple and pair it with bar nibbles like the Peanut Masala, Roast Papad, and Chicken Kebab and you’ll go home on a happy high.

Meghana Foods

It may have branches elsewhere in the city but Meghana Foods first hit the headlines when it launched in Koramangala. Renowned for their Andhra offerings, customers can’t get enough of their Meghana Special Biryani and the Chicken Boneless Biryani. Pair it up with plates of their Chilly Chicken and Meghana Chicken 555 and you are guaranteed a great meal.

The Hole In The Wall Cafe

This compact establishment taught us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and also the most delicious. Brekkie here is an extravagant affair that involves everything from mash potatoes to slivers of fried-up bacon. Grab the classic English Breakfast {comes with sausages, bacon, fried up eggs, sauteed mushrooms, and bread}. Or you can experiment with The Porky Fella’s Breakfast {sausages, bacon, ham, eggs and mushrooms} and the Farmer’s Breakfast {includes eggs, baked beans, mashed potatoes and grilled veggies}. Their waffles and pancakes are best sellers too.

Fenny’s Lounge And Kitchen

A nightlife hotspot, Fenny’s is where many come when they want paint the town red. The open-air ambience and the live performances are a huge draw. But it’s what on the menu that sends the crowds into a tizzy. Start off with their Signature Cocktails like the Maldai Mango {vodka and aam panna} or the Peter Rum {dark rum with lime and a special mix}. Then, sink your teeth into their thin-crust pizzas, Spicy BBQ Chicken, and the Peri Peri Mushrooms for maximum happiness.

China Pearl

A neighbourhood favourite, China Pearl has been doing brisk business for almost a couple of decades now. They have the crowds eating out of their hands thanks to their Chinese offerings doused with Indian spices. Be sure to drop in with a big appetite because their portions are generous. On the menu you’ll see the usual suspects but be sure to try their Chicken Kim Fa Soup {a thick broth with cubes of chicken in it} and the crunchy Lat Kay Fa. The Malaysian Noodles and the Chilli Garlic Noodles make for delightful main course options.

Cafe Thulp

Cafe Thulp’s success story kickstarted in Koramangala. And after all these years, patrons still can’t get enough of their burgers. The Moo’s Your Daddy Burger {that comes with cheesy patty and an option of bacon} and its variants are on everyone’s favourite list. You can also try other their versions of the Chicken Parmigiana, Cordon Bleu, and Grilled Beef Steaks.

Friends Euro Fast Food

Old time residents of Koramangala thinks of Friends with fondness. It was {and is} the ideal student hangout where the food is delicious but not harsh on the pocket. The Ham and Cheese Sandwich, the Jumbo Burger {that comes with a meat patty topped with mushrooms}, and the Grilled Beef Steak are popular picks.


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