These incessant rains and the cold can be a bummer, we know. But, it’s nothing a bowl {or two} of steaming/creamy/clear/meaty/hearty soup can’t fix. We point you towards the places where, for once, you’ll be glad to land in soup.

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Caperberry Restaurant and Tapas Lounge

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Punjab Grill

The rich shorbas at this restaurant sure have a way of perking you up. Try the Murgh Badami Shorba, a consommé of almonds and chicken with just a touch of spice,  or the Khumb Pudina Shorba, a wild mushroom concoction that’s enhanced with mint and garlic – and you’ll warm up in an instant.

Karama Restaurant

Restaurants serving soups for the rainy weather

Source: Chetan Kamani

The spiced-up paya soup is one of the best inventions to troop out of an Indian kitchen, we think. The meaty broth, at Karama, brims with coriander, garlic, pepper and cumin. But the highlight remains the paya {leg of lamb} that’s cooked to a delicious tenderness.

The Glass House

Restaurants serving soup in rainy weather Bangalore

Source: The Glass House

Nothing can shoo away the rain-inflicted gloom better than hearty seafood bisque at this restaurant. Pickled prawns mingle happily with a calvados {apple brandy} cream and it proves to be heady delight. 

Caperberry Restaurant 

Warm up with the unusual flavours combination of potato and wasabi, speckled with hijiki seaweed and leeks. There’s also a clam soup, with the added flavours of white wine, saffron, and dill, that’s a must try.

Olive Beach

A bowl of soup with a touch of coffee, that’s what will keep you from snoozing off. The Mushroom & Coffee Soup, at Olive Beach, is a fine blend of mushroom and a dash of Arabica. A burst of sherry vinegar adds a zing to the hot soup. Equally delicious is the Moroccan Harira with Lamb that sees chickpeas and lentils cooked in a broth that includes tomatoes, spices and meat.


Restaurants serving soups in the rainy weather Bangalore

Source: Yauatcha

This tea room also serves a great line-up of soups. It includes the Celery, Carrot and Mushroom soup alongside the Hot and Sour Shredded Chicken Soup – both crowd favourites.


Restaurants serving soup in rainy weather bangalore

Source: Mamagoto

Say goodbye to the blues with the Chinese Sour and Pepper soup here. It comes in vegetarian and chicken versions and is made with 22 ingredients that will give your palate something to think about. Another must-try is the Oriental Clear Beef Soup with pak choi, snow peas, and garlic stirred in.


Restaurants serving soup in rainy weahter bangalore

Source: Hunan

There’s a long list of soupy brews that you can choose from at this popular Chinese restaurant. The menu includes sure-shot hits like Water Chestnuts and Spinach Wonton Soup, Crabmeat with Asparagus, and the Yin Yang Duck Meat Soup.

The Phobidden Fruit

Yes, we know that Phos are not technically soup. But since they are as comforting, you should try the Beef Pho at Phobidden Fruit. If you are stuck on technicalities, then, give the highly recommended Bun Bao a try. It’s a noodle-soup that combines the flavours of beef and chillies superbly.

Au Bon Pain

Restaurants serving soups in Bangalore

Source: Au Bon Pain

Perfect for a quick snack on a particularly nippy day, you can choose a creamy or clear soup {depending on the flavours of the day}, dunk ladlefuls into the bread bowl and enjoy a satisfying mini-meal.

The Fatty Bao

Restaurants serving soups in rain weather bangalore

Source: The Fatty Bao

Comfort food doesn’t get better than the Chasu Ramen at The Fatty Bao. A big bowl filled with braised pork belly, bacon, bean sprouts, marinated soft boiled eggs, scallions and pork stock lands up at your table and floors you.


Restaurants serving soup in rain weather bangalore

Source: Suryawanshi

Their chicken and mutton thalis feature fiery Tambda Rassa, a meaty broth that’s made with a whole list of spices. There’s also the Pandhra Rassa, another Kolhapuri special, that’s equally spice-filled but includes the sweetness of grated coconut.

Tim Tai

Restaurants serving soup in rainy weather bangalore

Source: Tim Tai

This popular restaurant has plenty of soups like the Javanese Soto Ayam Soup, a curried chicken soup made with soto paste and glass noodles, that will have clamouring for more. You can also go for a classic Khow Suey, featuring egg noodles cooked in coconut milk.