Watch And Enjoy The Sun Retire At These Sunset Spots In The City

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Whether you’re a nature lover or die-hard romantic, sunsets make for memorable moments. Nothing quite like watching the sun sinking into the horizon, as the yellow and gold hue engulfs the whole city. Luckily, Bangalore still has enough place to watch the sun going to bed. Lakes, hills and gardens are found by the plenty, so we suggest getting your friends together or even that special one you’re trying to woo and head off into the sunset (literally!). Here's our pick of the best sunset spots in the city.

Nandi Hills

You might think that Nandi Hills has lost its charm because of the crowd you see there, but we suggest going in the evenings when the sun starts going down. The ruins of Tipu’s Point is a wonderful spot to catch the sunset from (if you don’t have a fear of heights) or just lie on the green lawns spread across the hill. A long drive from the city, this is perfect for a day’s getaway with the sunset as a lovely ending to your picnic. 

Pro-Tip: Currently, Nandi Hills is shut for visitors during weekends, with the tourism department working towards a solution for the weekend traffic that occurs here. 

Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake is a popular spot in the city for morning walks, but it also makes for a great place to watch the sunset. With bright orange reflecting in the waters, enjoy the sky turn into a dark red. There are many spots in and around Ulsoor lake that you could use in case you wanted to beautify your Instagram feed. If you’ve ever had a bad day at work, come here to unwind and catch a breath of fresh air while you enjoy nature and dim skylight. Trust us when we say nature has healing powers! And hey, there's no stench emanating from the pristine waters as cleanliness is at its peak. 

13th Floor

A restaurant in Barton Centre on MG road, 13th Floor has been around for a while and is famous for beautiful views of the city. Whether it’s a special occasion or just an evening out with friends, enjoying the sunset with a drink in your hands (we’re feeling warm in our bellies already) is an experience you will live to tell over and over again. So if you’re new to the city or want to take a newbie around the city, we suggest heading here to soak up that balmy Bangalore air. The bar follows all COVID-19 guidelines and is regularly sanitised. 

Sankey Tank

Sankey Tank in Malleshwaram has known to have magical powers as everyone who seems to go there (sometimes brooding) suddenly cheers up. Any weekend during the late evening hours, take a walk around the lake and watch the sun sink into the horizon. The sight of birds chirping and ducks swimming along the muddy paths will soothe your soul. Feel free to relax on benches all around the lake and go get some authentic South-Indian snacks at some iconic spots in the vicinity (we’re getting hungry already).

Turahalli Forest

If you’re looking for some fresh air, the gorgeous Turahalli Forest is just what you need. Located 20 kilometres outside of the city, it’s a favourite of nature lovers and folks who like to climb and trek. Considered to be Namma Bengaluru’s only surviving forest, this stretch of greenery is a great spot to enjoy glimpses of the sunset. We suggest taking a walk up to the viewpoint to enjoy the landscape of Bangalore and its surrounding greenery. 

Yediyur Lake

Believed to be one of the oldest lakes in the city, Yediyur Lake sits at the edge of Basavanagudi. Easily accessible via Kanakapura road, enjoy a jog or leisurely stroll around the lake. Shaded by lofty trees and lined with numerous plants, the lake is a hotspot for sunsets and calming waters. The water body attracts a variety of birds that you can catch at the small jetty on the lake which is an extension overlooking the water (save your polaroid film for photos here!). 

Cubbon Park

Considered the lungs of the city (rightly so, methinks), Cubbon Park is frequented by most of the public, either in the mornings for a quick jog or on weekends by families for some quality time. With all that greenery, you’ll see the difference in oxygen levels between the rest of the city and the park. The whole city turns into a hue of yellow and gold once the sun starts to set. Spend an evening rejuvenating here and taking in all things nature. You could also munch on snacks and light eats sold by local vendors there as you enjoy the greenery provided by the canopy of trees there. 

Kaikondrahalli Lake

The location for the Kere Habba, the lake is spread over 48 acres (say, what?) and is home to migratory birds. The approximately two-kilometre stretch of the lake is great for a lovely walk. Describing a scene out of a fairytale, Kaikondrahalli Lake is a popular spot for day picnics and sunset sights as well (we really suggest doing date night here with some nice food and candles). 

Pro-Tip: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, picnics might not be an option. 

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Whilst you could leisurely spend half a day roaming around these gardens, we love the views of the city and the sunset from the hill near the Lalbagh Main Gate. A short hike to the top is totally worth it as the entire slope is dotted with vendors selling snacks and juices. Once you hit the peak, we guarantee stunning views of the city and an enchanting evening view of the sunset. You could even sit  by the lake and walk around as the sun drops below the horizon.