When Cravings Kick In, Order In From These Awesome Brands For Snacks

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Let's admit it, the only thing that keeps us sane most of the days are nibbles. Thank goodness for snacks! Now we all know that a snack craving can kick in anytime, and most of the time's, especially when we're home. Remember the days you went looking for munchies all over the house only to be disappointed? Well, now you don't have to be, you can just order in to your heart's content from the brands below. 

Disclaimer: Best to place orders online from from place mentioned below and enjoy snacking at home. All of these places are available on delivery platforms or have their own system in place.

Anand Sweets And Savouries

Anand Sweets And Savouries needs no introduction. This country favourite, dearly referred to as Anand is a snack haven and is also where our families have been snacking at for ages (they've been around for three decades!). Aside from being available on Swiggy, Anand has its very own website through which you can order some truly nostalgic treats. We are definitely getting our hands on some motichoor ladoos, dahi papadi, pakodas, samosas and of course, the delicious dhoklas. If you're nodding in South Indian disapproval, don't. They also have boondi, murukku, mixtures and more (go order now!)




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We all know the perils of snacking, yes we're talking about overeating. So here's a brand that you can snack on for hours without drowning in guilt. Yummus makes and retails different flavoured, you guessed it, Hummus. Order this Mediterranean staple in flavours of beetroot, spinach and roasted bell peppers. They are completely vegan, preservative free and have no baking soda. You can also order for some homemade pita alongside your yummus. 

Kanti Sweets

Kanti Sweets is the true OG when it comes to good ol' snacking business. Holding fort for 60 years is no easy feat and they have managed to stick around purely because their sweets and savouries are downright scrumptious. You can order via their website and make sure you go straight to the Anjeer Burfi and Kaju Katli in the sweets section, and the piping hot Kachoris and Ghewar for savoury. If you want to snack low and slow, get a big portion of the mini samosas, Kaju masala, Chikis and other popular namkeens

The Green Snack Co

Let's talk healthy again, this time, healthy junk. You heard us right. The Green Snack Co is making healthy snacking real, and all the health buffs rejoice. We're talking about Kale Chips, Quinoa Puffs, 6 Grain Stix or order the combo. Now you don't have to really be health conscious to give these snacks a go, especially when they come in some really tongue-tickling flavours. Peppy Cheese, Saucy Salsa or Fiery Spice for the Quinoa Puffs while the Stix come in seasonings of Cheesey Jalapenos and Tangy Pickle. The Kale Chips come in a classic Cheese and Onion (delish!).

Samosa Party

Nothing screams snack time like samosas and we've found just the brand that you can throw your next Samosa Party with. Forget the regular and indulge in cheese, kheema, chicken or thai curry samosa from Samosa Party. There's every flavour imaginable from Andhra to barbecue, Chinese and Punjabi! Once you're tired of these yummy samosas, order their Rajasthani kota kachoris and French fries.

Chai Point

One of the places LBB loves ordering their tea time snack together with some tea is Chai Point. Their simple, no-fuss menu items makes snacking easy, both on the tastebuds and the pocket. Order in a flask of their Masala Chai or Lemon Tea and pair it with some Egg Bhurji Pao or Poha and you've entered ultimate 4pm snack heaven. You can always order through their website or Swiggy, Zomato or Dunzo.

Graminway - From The Roots


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A Bangalore-based healthy snack brand has us munching double, cause, duh, everything is delicious plus super healthy! It doesn't taste like it though! Like the name suggests, the brand honours farmers and the crop of the land out of which they make yummies like Ragi Chivda, Corn Chips, Berry & Millets Granola and so much more! You have got to give this brand a go!



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Kiru has always had our hearts and tongues, because not only are they a local brand, their cookies have us in clutches. These are healthy, Almond Cookies, Ragi Banana Milk Cookies, Millet Masala Cookies (for nostalgia) and many more -- all addictive. But worry not, they won't kill you! Kiru also makes savoury snacks.

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Bengaluru, we know living without snacks, lockdown or no lockdown is unacceptable, which is why we say shift your snack shopping online and to The LBB Snacks & Beverages Section. We have everything from murukku, ready-to-eat chaat and kombucha too!


Given we're from the South, we need our stash of Seriously Addictive and Seriously South Indian Snacks.


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