Stuffed Pepper, Beef Steak And Chipotle Chicken: Say Hola To The Best Tacos In Town

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Hard shell or soft, authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex, guacamole or tikka – in every avatar the taco is the ultimate comfort food. You can have it for brekkie and with a beer. And it is a versatile dish when it comes to flavours. In our beloved Bangalore, you can chomp through Roast Pork, Beef Steak, Ice Cream and even Phulka options! Here are version that we all need to taco’bout!

Stuffed Pepper Taco @ Krazzy Folds

Cheerful and popular with the crowds, this restaurant has a handful of ‘krazzy’ sounding tacos. There’s a paneer version, of course. But we have our eyes firmly set on the Stuffed Pepper Taco – where the peppers are stuffed with gooey cheese before being batter fried. It’s then stuffed into a soft taco along with tomato salsa, black beans, and slaw. During summers, they even have a jackfruit taco that’s worth teasing your palate with.

Beef Steak Tacos @ Plan B

If sheer variety is anything to go by, you know the folks at Plan B love their tacos. You can pick from Roast Pork, Pulled Chicken, Fried Fish and Cottage Cheese versions. But the one that stands out for us is the juicy Beef Steak Tacos. Slices of beef are fried up with onions and green peppers before being doused in cheese and added to the taco. Drooling yet?

Carnitas @ Chinita Real Mexican Food

Chinita’s commitment to the real deal means that this is as close to Mexico you can get without dropping precious money on airfare. They have an enticing tacos section that includes the Carnitas version – where slivers of roast pork are dressed up in pineapple salsa, roast tomato salsa and pickled onions. Vegetarians can go for the Roasted Cauliflower avatar.

Fulka Tacos @ Delhi Highway

Don’t just embrace Mexican food, make it your own – that’s this restaurant’s mantra! You can skip the regular, old phulkas {they call it fulkas} and instead sign up for the whole, wheat tacos that are filled up with tandoori paneer, mushroom, jackfruit or cheese aloo. If nothing else, it’ll give you plenty to ‘taco’ about.

Taco Ice Cream @ Stoned Monkey

Want to have fun with tacos? Then, sign up for an ice-cream taco at Stoned Monkey. The crispy taco crackles when you take the first bite and gives way to exciting fillings like chocolate ice cream, bits of brownie, gummy bears, and gems!

Naked Chicken Taco @ Taco Bell

Who needs a taco shell when there’s chicken? In a flash of genius, this popular chain restaurant serves up taco shells that are fashioned from crispy, fried chicken. This is then filled up with melting cheese, lettuce, and fresh veggies.


Shrimp Tacos @ Casa Picossa

Put on your sombrero and sign up for a good time at this laidback JP Nagar hangout. Between mugs of beer, you can bite into Shrimp Tacos – plump, juicy, sauteed shrimp stuffed into tacos – that’ll liven up your guzzling session, for sure. They have chicken and vegetarian versions too.

Tikka Tacos @ Social

Tacos go desi at Social’s! Their Tikka Tacos – made with spicy Chicken Tikka, garlic aioli and served with a fresh salad along with mint chutney is the perfect accompaniment to your tipple. The menu also includes Fish Tacos- crumb, fried fish fingers that sits pretty on a layer of Baja sauce, inside a soft-shell taco.

Chipotle Chicken Taco @ Sanchez

This hip Mexican joint at the heart of the city packs a punch with its robust flavours. And you can expect plenty of deliciousness when it comes to their tacos as well. They offer the Mexican {corn and wheat flour} as well as the hard-shell Tex-Mex versions here. The Chipotle Chicken is always a hit with guests as are the beer-battered fish, pork, and prawn offerings. You can pile on generous amounts of cheese, guacamole, fried beans, and pico de gallo before wolfing the taco down.


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