Dripping In Old World Charm: Decor To Turn Your Home Into A Vintage Vonderland!


    Old-fashioned is back in fashion and how! No not clothing, we're talking about cool vintage decor that is timeless and adds the right amount of drama and intrigue to any setting! So if you're a home that is after the vintage decor theme or if you're already one of those abodes that revels in old-world charm, bookmark this list for vintage accessories and decor. Everything from vintage clocks to lights, we're on a mission to turn your home into a vintage v-onderland!

    Fuhfuh Classic Roman Antique Wall Clock

    Classic Roman Antique Wall Clock


    Somehow a vintage space is known by its walls, and very often a vintage clock on that wall -- one that only elevates that vintage feel. Like this analog Antique Wall Clock from Fuhfuh that also has classic roman numerals. Its rustic finish is what makes it eye-catchy, plus the attention to detail -- spot how the clock hands are designed! This also a unique alternative to the same grandfather clock that most vintage decor enthusiasts are after.

    Vintage Crafts Brass Horse Head

    Brass Horse Head


    The small vintage-type bits and bobs, especially in terms of side table top accessories really add contrast and character. This Brass Horse Head from Vintage Crafts is one of those pieces that you can play around with to add some style and quirk to that vintage look.

    Yatha Distress Finish Wooden Photo Frame

    Wooden Handcrafted Photo Frame Distress Finish (5*7 inches)


    Another way to switch up your wall space and give it that retro vibe is to introduce it to distressed wooden frames of different sizes. This Distress Finish Wooden Photo Frame from Yatha will do exactly this, besides they come in different colours so you can mix and match and cleverly put together multiple frames in different shades and sizes to create a unique vintage wall accent.

    The 7 DeKor Decorative Vintage Large Metal Motorcycle

    Decorative Vintage Large Metal Motorcycle - Silver


    This Vintage Metal Motorcycle from The 7 DeKor is one of those pieces that you will find after years of thrift shopping at vintage and antique stores. There's something about its classic old-school appeal that warrants a place on your dark wood table among other paraphernalia. Don't worry it'll still be a standout!

    Vintage Crafts Vintage Wooden Telephone

    Vintage Wooden Telephone


    Granted you can't make real calls with this centerpiece, but you will sure have fun running your fingers through the rotary dial! This timeless classic Vintage Telephone from Vintage Crafts has a wood and brass finish, just like you would find in the 1940s. Sit this on an office table or in your vintage corner to make a style-statement.

    Manor House Antique Globe

    Antique Globe


    Can't go wrong with an Antique Globe like this piece from Manor House, another classic to add to your vintage home accessories. Unlike the regular wood and acrylic frame, this iteration is all metal. So heavy duty and long-lasting. You could also use it as a retro paper weight!

    Meera From The House Of Bhindar Antique Glass Candle Stand

    Antique Finish Handmade Glass Candle Stand


    Candlesticks may not be popular in use but with the right candle stand, like this Antique Handmade Glass Candle Stand from Meera, this makes for the perfect decorative, vintage element. We've picked this purple, almost lavender coloured stand because it's got that lavish, wealthy feel to it. Don't forget to put in some cool and fancy candlesticks in them (yes buy multiple, a cool grey coloured option too)!

    Homeiva Vintage Lantern Candle Holders

    Lantern Candle Holders - Vintage (Set of 3)


    If you're less into candle sticks and more into tealight candles, this set of three different sized Lantern Candle Holders from Homeiva is what you should buy to stick to the vintage theme. Its rustic gold shade, cage-like shape and multipurpose use is what we're loving. Use it on a table with lit tealight candles or leave as is, as a decorative accessory. You can hang these too!

    Fos Lighting Vintage School Bell Wall Light

    Vintage School Bell Wall Light


    Giving designer wall lamps a run for its money is this charming Vintage School Bell Wall Light from Fos Lighting is elegant and "old-school" sophisticated. Fix this over a carved wood reading chair to set the retro mood in full blow. This is truly as unique as it gets in the universe of vintage lighting! For a more classic vintage wall light, check out this Antique Brass Finished Double Wall Light from the same brand.

    Amoliconcepts Vintage Floral Printed Wooden Stool

    Wooden Stool With Vintage Floral Printed Cotton Velvet Top


    Shaped and designed like a Victorian-era footstool, Amoliconcepts' Vintage Floral Printed Wooden Stool is a great addition to a DIY vintage area in a room. It's quaint with dark wood legs and a beautiful velvet cushion top. The contrasting colours on this piece of furniture evokes a very yesteryear feel.

    Amoliconcepts Antique Wooden Coffee Table

    Wooden Coffee Table With White Antique Finish


    The fact that this Antique Wooden Coffee Table from Amoliconcepts is portable and has that signature distressed look makes it one of our favourite vintage furniture/ decor pieces. Use it to serve breakfast or snacks or based on availability of space and the vibe of the space, use this as a trunk type box to store things!

    The Decor Remedy Embossed Antique Planters

    Ginko Leaf Embossed Antique Gold Planters - Set of 2


    Vintage style planters are super hard to come by, so you must definitely add these Ginko Leaf Embossed Antique Gold Planters from The Decor Remedy to cart. These have a dull finish (sticking to the vintage theme) yet are still very contemporary in design, therefore they will sit well in a heavily retro vibe room, adding relief without seeming out of place.