Time To Be A Memelord - Here Are Apps & Websites To Help You With That!

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So you’re bored and looking to do something fun at home online. The internet is your best friend for now. If you love creating content, have a bit of a funny bone, and are always scrolling through the ‘gram, or Reddit, you know how influential and entertaining (and sometimes educational) memes are.

If you’re trying to rake up karma or grow that following creating killer gifs and memes is a great way to stop. Here are some great places to take your content to the next level. 


It’s a pretty simple website. When you open it, the most popular meme templates show up and you can add your own text to suit your needs. If you create an account, you can also leave your meme up there for upvotes. There’s also the option of uploading your own image or creative for your own memes. Oh, and Imgflip lets you create gifs and pie charts too!


This one technically doesn’t have meme formats like all the other pages, but it’s great for creating posters, ironic motivational quotes, and creatives. We use it a lot ourselves! Of course if you have your own meme images, you can create a custom template on Canva and make it your own meme! You will need to create an account to download your creation. 


With gifs and meme templates available right when you open their page, Kapwing also has templates for animated memes. And yes, their website lets you convert a meme into a gif (they have instructions, don’t worry). Get Homer Simpson Napping, oddly specific moments from TV shows, poculture, and even ones where you create the context yourself. What’s cool is that they also have material for content creators and how to improve your game. You will need to create an account to get your meme.

Meme Creator

Simple, basic, and easy to use, Meme Creator is exactly just that. Just browse through popular templates with images, or custom create one and use the meme-text formats provided to create basic, shareable, and popular memes. You don’t need to create an account to access your creation once done. 


Giphy is one of the biggest generators, creators and repositories of gifs at the moment (your keyboards and apps probably all use Giphy gifs). The best use of this is to find gifs and use it where you have to (share, embed, backlink, use as reaction, however your heart wants to). You can also create your own here. How? Click on their “Create” option, and there’s three ways you can do it - as a slideshow with uploads, video clips through uploads, or from external URLs, and share away! They have an app too in case mobile is the way you create. 


Another super basic meme-creation app for those of you who do it for the lolz. Choose from popular meme formats (there’s no real categorisation here though), or upload your own images to fit the formats available. Create, save, share. Very simple. Mematic is available on mobile devices for iOS and Android. 


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