Make Your Home Bar Great With Best Wine Shops, Indian Snacks & Mixers Right Now!


    If you are thinking of picking a few bottles and stock up, enjoy and savour a drink after forever or just want to have the best selection of alcohol and re-fill your home bar, let us point you to some of Bangalore's best wine and spirits shops. These liquor stores and marts stock up on the finest tipple you can get your hands on, so without further ado, bookmark this, and then go ahead and get your liquor! To make drinking and unwinding a more enjoyable experience we're also throwing in suggestions for alcohol mixers and the best Indian snacks!

    Don't forget to adhere to the social distancing norms and wear masks while stepping out to buy a few bottles. And of course, be smart about drinking in general. 



    BTM layout, Bangalore

    Almost in every neighbourhood, Madhulokha's extensive alcohol section will appeal to anyone and everyone. First-time drinkers can start off with breezers in every flavour or go for those small travel bottles of Smirnoff. You can get bottled beer of all brands along with local and international wine and some fancy spirits in the form of Hendrick's, and St. Remy. Do check Enoteca which is the first wine school in Bangalore. Keep the spirits high with Madhulokha! 

    Now that we've hit you with so many tipple options from here, why not don your bartending hat? This pack of Spiced Grapefruit Tonic water from Sepoy & Co. is so versatile and goes especially well with any Smirnoff bottle you pick up!

    La Cave Fine Wines & Spirits

    The swanky store is home to over 300 brands, so you have everything from Ketel One to Simba beer. The two-floor flagship store in Indiranagar has the ground floor dedicated to all your IMFL drinks and beer including in-house brand Hopper beer. The upstairs section is dedicated to international spirits and international wine. Oh, the wine section (perfect for the season) has options from all around the world including Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir from South America, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, and even Germany. 

    Hopper beer is a must-try from here but if you aren't a fan, still grab a case to turn it into a Beergarita, cause who doesn't love a margarita?! All you need is to pop open a pack of & Stirred's Margarita Cocktail Mix and amp up the beer party!

    Thom’s Bakery

    Thom’s Bakery is an iconic supermarket in Frazer Town that is frequented by folks from across the city. Their alcohol section is spectacular as well. From local wines like Sula and Big Banyan to fancy gins like Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire, you’ll find a variety of spirits here. If not, they’ll source it for you to get your spirits high any season

    While there are a bunch of snacks very conveniently available to purchase here, we doubt any of its healthy! If you're snacking healthy and need the perfect nibbles while you sip on, pick these packs of assorted Brown Rice Chips in Peri Peri & Jalapeno Cheese from Flippies!

    Sam’s Wines & Spirits

    Sam's Wine Centre

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Started in 1968, Sam’s is a haunt for everything boozy on the busy Residency Road. With their exquisite range of alcohol like Monkey Shoulder and Maker’s Mark, it’s obvious why you’ll find people flocking here at all points in time, especially if they're entertaining. 

    If you're hosting a party you need to slip in some cocktail options too! Sounds like a lot to do, no? Not anymore, because with Jimmy's Assorted Cocktail Mixers Combo all you will need is the corresponding alcohol and none of the other ingredients! This combo has options as diverse as cosmos to whiskey sours.

    House Of Spirits

    House Of Spirits 4

    Whitefield, Bangalore

    In and around the Whitefield area you will see a House Of Spirits in bright, bold letters, but don’t let that stop you from entering for your less basic alcohol. We have (on different occasions) found bottled brews Bira, White Rhino, and Simba, so your Netflix movie nights are sorted. If it’s a wine you seek, apart from Sula in white and red, you’ll get Sante (even the Rose) and Dia (lightweights who love wine, rejoice!). For the harder stuff, they do stock Jagermeister, and if that’s too much you can comfortably stick to Johnny Walker or one of the many flavoured white rums on offer. We may have even spotted the elusive white Old Monk.

    After hard hunting for your choice of spirit, just settle for a simple but classic chakna and daaru evening with Khokha's combo of chana jor garam and roasted mint & tomato chana.

    Dewars Wine Stores

    Dewars Wine Stores

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Probably one of the oldest stores on this list, the Dewars on St. Marks Road was established in the ’40s and continues to deliver premium alcohol to connoisseurs. Any wine lover in town swears by the range of available vino, be it red, white, or rose. The staff is also pretty knowledgeable, so you can be sure that you will not be given Sauvignon blanc when you ask for a Chardonnay. And if you love Bombay Sapphire or international spirits, they’re most likely to have, especially in the Whiskey category.   

    Get fancy with your wine pairing because you can and because these delicious packs of baked onion crackers exist! Slap on some cheese and enjoy wine and a DIY amuse bouche. 

    Liquor Mart

    Liquor Mart

    JP Nagar, Bangalore

    Alright, you knew this was coming - this listicle would not be complete without a shoutout to Liquor Mart. It’s practically guaranteed that you’ll find the alcohol that you’re looking for here, even the really obscure kinds (we even spotted Absolut vodka flavours like cinnamon and Raspberry). Apart from the regular collection of alcohol, you’ll find plenty of rose wines and liqueurs like Kahlua and Malibu. Plus, everything is nearly MRP, so you’re actually buying great alcohol for regular prices!

    If you do happen to get your hands on those flavoured vodkas we were hinting at, enjoy them with India's first organic tonic water from Bengal Bay Drinks.

    Spar Wines & Spirits

    At Spar, entire walls are lined with beers and wines -- perfect to stop by and grab a pint or peruse the shelves for something stronger to bring back home. The best part? On the way out, you can shop for some chakna at Spar (the hypermarket) to go with your booze, too!

    To go with your booze, get a whole box 9 different munchies, from salsa quinoa puffs to roasted teekha namkeen - all healthy mind you, from The Green Snack Co.


    We've got a bunch of other alcohol mixers and some South Indian snack options too!

    With inputs from Aakanksha Singh, Ahalya Acharya, Amrutha Jalihal, and Roshni Nayak