Do You Think You Can Finish This 4-Feet Long Monster Dosa? Then Head To Commercial Street

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Yes, it’s four feet long, ghee-soaked and full of crispy goodness, and we’re challenging you to finish it! Dosa enthusiasts say hello to Bharathi Dosa Camp and its Family Dosa.

Size Matters

If you’re a regular at Commercial Street, then you know how after all that shopping you want to tuck into something sinful. On our last escapade, we discovered Bharathi Dosa Camp and their monster dosa, or rather Family Dosa. At a whopping four feet long in length, it’s great to feed the entire squad or family, with ease. But surely, given the monstrosity, it’s one of those absurd challenges you can try alone, no? Priced at INR 250, the dosa is served with sambhar, and coconut and chilli chutney. The sambhar isn’t sweet {thankfully} and the red chilli chutney packs quite the punch. So, challenge accepted?

Room For More

But if you can’t bear the idea of gobbling up such a massive dosa, relax, because the dosa master also does a mini version. It’s about 2.5 foot long and for INR 100, it certainly is a lesser challenge, but a challenge no less.

If you are dining solo, then god bless you if you can finish the whole dosa. Or you can opt for regular-sized versions such as masala dosa, onion dosa, set dosa, and extremely buttery butter dosa. These start at INR 30. So does rice bath, tomato rice, pongal, and curd rice. They also have a kesari bath which we think is the perfect end to a meal of heavy dosas!


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