Silver Trishuls, Peacocks, Flowers And Coins - This Brand's Boho Jewellery Make Perfect Statement Pieces

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Bhavya Ramesh

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What Makes It Awesome

Bhavya Ramesh’s range of Bohemian jewellery is inspired strongly by tribal designs, nature, and the larger forces of the universe. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, or want to express yourself, there’s something here for you.

The Bohemian aesthetic has always intrigued, and captured our fancy. Bhavya Ramesh’s range of silver jewellery is that and so much more. An inspired range, each individual piece tells a story and not just a floating signifier of the aesthetic. Initially, she’d source tribal (specifically Banjara) jewellery, but after spending so much time with them, she was inspired to create her own line. 

All conceptual and made of silver, she incorporates geometric, floral, and nature inspired motifs and creates simple and intricate pieces of (practically) wearable art. Not for the lovers of basic and understated, even the more subtle pieces are bound to get a second look. Now if looking at the jewellery makes you think, and has you trying to figure out how one can possibly put it on, it’s by design. Rings, and earrings connected by a chain, earclips, and nose pins that look almost like they’re suspended in motion. 

Our favourite earrings include the Bug (INR 2,500), peacock and lotus Lovers (INR 5,000), the Sitat (INR 3,200) and the single Earwing (INR 2,200). The peacock nath nose pin (INR 1,000), Alter Ego rings (INR 2,500), Phul nose pin (INR 900) and Hysteria choker (INR 4,500) are also on our wish list once our salary hits the bank! 


 All the jewellery is designed to be gender neutral, so whether you’re XX, or XY, you can rock these pieces. 


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