Ten-second takeaway

Bheem Styx for hand-crafted and artistically decked up sticks for walking, hiking, decorating and, even, swatting flies. And now it has gone retail with a store in Indiranagar.

Stick figure

Almost two years ago, Bheemaiah K K – a coffee planter/ F&B consultant who also organises stand up comedy events – thought he needed his fingers in one more pie. Wanting to make a product that was a sure-shot hit in the flea market circuit, the avid trekker and off-roader decided to forage curiously-shaped deadwood from forests and coffee plantations in his hometown, Coorg, to make patterned, useable sticks.

Out of the woods

Once he’s collected enough sticks to make a collection, Bheemaiah treats and carves them before packing them off to various artists to be designed and painted. After a final glamourising and varnishing process, Bheemaiah puts them on sale. When you walk into the garage-store, you’ll see the walls lined with walking sticks that have heads fashioned to look like piranhas and black mambas. Long sticks that are perfect for trekking are fitted with whistles, fish hooks for angling, and straps to carry your backpacks. For your home, there are twisted sticks that have small branches where you can hang coats or simply add a quirky element to your decor.

Customisation is possible and you can order up an exclusively, crafted stick or even get Bheemaiah to add a whacky landscape detail to your garden – the possibilities are endless.

So we’re thinking…

You’re sure to walk away with a one-of-a-kind stick that adds a whole lot of style to your home or your strut.

Where: 969, Ground Floor, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar

When: 9am-9pm

Contact: +91 9845034406

Price: INR 600 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.