Rent A Bicycle And Feel The Joy Of Dodging Traffic In The City

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For those days when you're motivated to ditch the car or the motorbike, a bicycle is a great option. There are so many perks in cycling. To begin with, it’s the best way to dodge traffic. If you want to just feel the wind in your hair or get a little fit, that's fine too. If you're like us and don’t want to jump into the commitment of investing in one, here’s where we would rent our bikes from.  Don't forget your ID and address proof before you venture into renting.


ICycle sells bicycles for hire based on availability, the Parvath 27.5 MTB is the preferred beast of choice. They conduct bicycle rides throughout the city and on the outskirts as well – so you can choose the one you need, based on what you want to do. If it’s for squad biking, then you can even bulk order. While you can book them online, you have to go pick it up and return it from their location. In case you are too lazy and have cash to spare, you can get them to deliver or pick it up at an added cost. For weekends and for weekdays, their prices are fixed at INR 350.

Pedals And Wheels

From regular, to mountain bikes, they have got them all. Targeting campers and trekkers, bicycles are just one of the items they give out on rent. So for all your long distant cycling, Pedals and Wheels should be on top of your list. There's a huge array of geared and non-geared options lined up form mountain bikes, road bikes and those for casual rides as well. Prices start from INR 200 for non-geared bicycles and go upto INR 750 for speed bikes. 

City Cycling

Choose between mountain terrain bikes and hybrid bikes, leave a request for rental or book them online, and you can start packing for your cycling trip. We loved the fact that you can get a cycle that's just perfect for you as they ask for the rider's height as a filter to pick what's ideal. You have to pick it up and return it to their store, since they don’t provide a delivery service. The prices too are affordable enough with rates starting around INR 150 per week. 

HWY Rider

All you need is a glimpse at the website’s gallery to get you booking a bicycle online, to set out on an exploration of your own. They offer only Firefox Target 21 and Btwin Rockrider 340 bicycles but that’s good enough to conquer the city, we think. You can rent them out for an entire month in advance at prices around INR 199 per day for long bookings (a week onwards).


Whether you're going to a friend's house or to work, look up Yulu zones in the city to know where their bikes are available. Charging INR 10 for the first half an hour and INR 5 subsequently for every 30 minutes, we love that eco-friendly transportation is being encouraged in the city. Get in your day's workout or go shopping and put your purchases in the basket on the front of the bicycle. 

Trin Trin

The government has initiated a public bicycle sharing project. With 3,000 cycles available for use now, the Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike plans on extending the number to 6,000 bicycles. Using a cycle will cost you approximately INR 10 for two hours, so we suggest turning down the auto drivers of the city and toning your calf muscles instead. 


If you're in the central business district area of Bangalore, also around CHRIST, Hosur Road, and want to get lunch in the area, build an appetite by using Mobycy cycles at a nominal price of INR 5 for half an hour. But we suggest parking them in designated spots as we barely have sidewalks in the first place!

Pro Tip

New to the cycling bandwagon ? Fret not, you can get in touch with these cycling clubs in the city to join Bengaluru's cycling circuit or if you want to go solo, try out these cycling routes in and around Bengaluru. Also, if you want to get your cycle sorted and buy cycle accessories, hit these places up. 


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