Sarjapur Road's Popular Microbrewery Wins Hands Down For Its Poolside Dining Scenes

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Be it a date night, lunch with your office folks or chill scenes with your buddies, Big Brewsky’s spacious, rustic setting along with the delicious selection of food is ideal for all that and more.

Chow Down

Potato Nest Dim Sums, Shawarma Chicken Pizza, Banoffee Pie

Sip On

Three Wise Men, Peach Iced Tea

Winning For

The rustic decor, the laidback ambience, the food, and the poolside dining experience.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The ambience at Big Brewsky is something that you need to experience. If you are going in the evening, you’ll find that this spacious place is lit with huge glowing torches that add a very rustic feel. The poolside dining situation easily steals the spotlight for us. On a cool evening, it’s the perfect place to sit and sip on a beer while catching up with friends.

Big On Food

We found that ordering food here can be a task owing to the fact that there’s a lot to choose from. We also found that the menu heavily favours non-vegetarians but that’s the norm these days, right? If you are vegetarian, there are some interesting options but they do revolve around vegetables and paneer {duh!}.

We started with the Potato Nest Dim Sums and Beer Battered Onion Rings. While we were a bit disappointed with the oily rings, the dim sums made up for it big time. Unlike regular dim sums, these were made of potatoes stuffed with vegetables and served with a spicy dip. The star of the show was the Chicken Shawarma Pizza. A little bigger than your regular 6-inch pizza, this was deliciously gooey, thanks to the mozzarella. We didn’t quite understand why they added broccoli as a topping though. Just the well-cooked shawarma chicken, jalapenos, and mozzarella-cheddar combo would be enough. We ordered the Big Brewsky Special Biryani Murgh only because it’s biryani. We weren’t disappointed, to say the least. But we now know that ordering biryani at a pub is equivalent to ordering Chinese at New Shiv Sagar. We finished off the meal with a gooey Banoffee Pie that left us craving for another slice.

Big On Drinks

Being a microbrewery, Big Brewsky serves specially brewed craft beer that goes with almost anything from peanut masala to dim sums. Currently, they have expanded their brewhouse to cope with the demand, control quality and put more beers on tap. We hear they are undergoing a revamp. We will report back on the new beers as soon as they settle in. If you are in for a fun night, you can order shots such as the Russian Dare {Vodka, Elderflower, Orange Juice, and Spice}. And if you are a teetotaler like me, you could sip on a Peach Iced Tea or the Three Wise Men which is a concoction of watermelon, cranberry juice, lime juice, Elderflower, and Red Bull.

So We Are Thinking...

We are definitely going back for that poolside dining, those delicious Potato Nest dim sums, and the feel good ambience.


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