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Bira 91 Has Just Launched Their First Ever Limited Release Taproom To Celebrate Their 5-Year Anniversary!

    Bira 91 Limited Release Taproom

    Beer lovers, we’ve got amazing news for you! Bira 91 has just completed 5 years and to celebrate this, they have launched their first taproom in the beer capital of the country, Bengaluru! Located in Koramangala, this is the perfect place for you to get together with your squad over beers (old and new). The taproom pairs their love for local ingredients and a passion to brew flavourful beers. Read on to know about why you’ve got to head there with your squad right away!

    What Makes It Awesome

    The limited release taproom will be serving up not only their usual brews but also a bunch of new, unique and experimental beers. Ever heard of a mango lassi beer? They took the idea of lassi and turned it into a beer, adding wheat, oats and a bunch of pure mango puree to create a creamy and hazy brew. If you don’t like bitter beers then this one is definitely for you!

    If you love your hops, check out the west coast IPA - inspired by the crisp beers from the American Western Coast, this one is intense with a tropical and citrusy hop aroma. 

    How about some cocoa and chocolate? You’ve got to try the Bira 91 Coconut Brown. This brew has caramel maltiness with cocoa and bitter chocolate overtones, and subtle coconut aroma.

    We’re saving the best for the last! Bira 91 has just turned 5 and nothing marks a celebration like champagne! A special brew for the occasion, the pomegranate champagne is fermented with a unique champagne yeast and pomegranate juice for a delicate aroma. There’s no way you can miss trying this!

    Isn’t variety the spice of life? To commemorate this, the taproom is going to be serving a new brew EVERY WEEK! Consumers will get to vote for their favourite beers and the one with the highest votes, will be packaged and available in the city. Trust us, this taproom is every beer lover’s dream! 


    This taproom is located at Cauvery Colony in Koramangala. 

      Bira 91 Limited Release Taproom