The Beer That Everyone's Talking About… and Where To Get It

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Touted to be India’s first craft beer made on a large scale, courtesy Cerana Beverages, Bira91’s launch this year with a bang, is a fuss that we think is well worth it.

Made for India

You’re probably wondering what this Bira91 phenomenon is. Well, beer became biru and biru became Bira. Throw in India’s postcode to seal its position as a desi beer and you’ve got the latest craft beer to take us by storm. And we’re super hoppy {geddit?} that this fine city has welcomed it with open arms. After all, it is India’s first craft beer.

The DL on taste

Currently available in two variants, the Bira Blonde and Bira White, you’ll be pleased at that they are both versatile beers. The Blonde, a lager, features hops from the Himalayas and you can expect a mild sweet aroma. Crisp and smooth on the palate, we’re thinking copious consumption of this is in order! And throw in some spicy food and you’re set for an evening of beer and bliss. The White is a wheat ale and is perfect a tall glass with plenty of frothy head. With citrusy notes and a hint of spicy coriander, the flavours start off sweet, spicy and the citrus really comes through with a very low bitterness on the finish. Great to complement the Indian palate, we can really see what the fuss is all about.

Give me Bira

While the beer is available at liquor stores {INR 130 for White and INR 110 for Blonde} and plenty of restaurants, here’s our pick of where the food will pair well with the drink.

Tippler on The Roof

Pair it with their Russian dumplings, or even a kebab platter.

When: Monday-Thursday and Sunday, noon to midnight; Friday and Saturday from 11am-1am.

Price: INR 295 {Blonde} and INR 315 {White}

Social Offline

Nothing says pub grub  like these guys do.

When: 9am-11:30pm

Price: INR 300 {White} and INR 275 {Blonde}

100 Ft Boutique Bar Restaurant

Be it with the pizzas, grilled fish or even the salads, the beer will make them all that much better.

When: Sunday to Thurday, 11am-11.30pm and Friday to Saturday, 11am-1am

Price: INR 420 for both variants.


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