Getting Off At Majestic Metro Station? Make A Pit Stop At These Eateries For Biryani And Kebabs

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You should do what we do sometimes, simply board the metro and get off at a random stop. And this time, we got on at MG Road and got off {or rather got pushed out} at Majestic. And since we didn’t know what to do really {and we were hungry too}, we did one thing we are good at — finding awesome {places to eat}. So here’s our pick of the five places that you need to eat at around the Majestic Metro Station.

Hotel Navayuga

Bang opposite the Majestic Bus Station {no, not the railway station} is this hotel that is most likely to escape your line of sight if you are just walking around. Either Google Map it or look out for a big red board outside the Aparna Theater Shopping Complex that screams the name of the establishment. Located inside the shopping complex, you’ll be welcomed by a whiteboard displaying the specials of the day and the lunch crowd. Served on banana leaves, there’s no menu as such, so you might have to listen to the waiter rap the menu. We say skip that and order a plate of either chicken or mutton biryani along with a plate of chicken kebabs. If you like soup, order the paya soup. Any case, a meal for one would cost you just under INR 400.

SGS Gundu Pulao

If you haven’t heard of this place that serves biryani {well, pulao technically} at 8 am, then what are you even doing with your life, we ask. Any case, this iconic place is open from 10 am to 2 pm from Tuesday to Friday, and 8 am to noon on Sundays, or until stock lasts. Chicken and mutton pulaos are what you need to order along with that ridiculously greasy Chicken Kshatriya that’s served in the evenings. You’ll find the place always crowded even though it’s two floors, so you’ll probably have to stand and eat your plate of donne biryani. Don’t worry, the cucumber, onion slices on top and half a boiled egg will keep you company for a while. A meal for one is around INR 300.

New Govindrao Military Hotel

Featured on our list of the best military hotels in town, there was no way that we would have skipped this century-old establishment. Known for serving food of patris, eco-friendly plates using stitched dried leaves, you can hit this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If it’s breakfast that you are going for, then be sure to order idlis with kheema curry. But if it’s lunchtime, then it’s either the Mutton or Chicken Pulao. In any case, be sure to order the Mutton Chops or the Chicken Fry. Oh, and did we tell you that all the fried dishes are strong on the chilli/pepper factor? A soft drink comes highly recommended for a meal for one that costs just under INR 300.

Naidu Military Hotel

Now, if Govindrao is there, then, obviously this biryani joint is going to be there as well. Located behind the lane after Urvashi Theater, this small hole-in-the-wall joint is famous for its small seating space and mutton pulaos. While we didn’t get a place to sit, we did get a plate of spicy and greasy Chicken Fry as a takeaway. Oh, and while we were waiting for our order, we did see people ordering alcohol from the wine shop next to it. Well, beer + biryani = winner. Oh, and if you can’t handle the spices, stay away from the fried dishes as they are on the spicier side. Must be for the people who are downing a pint of beer with a plate of mutton chops. A meal for one is just under the INR 300 mark.

Hotel Prashanth

Of the lot we visited, this one is the fanciest with its very Nagarjuna-style seating space and that you will find a table to sit at even during rush hour. You might have to share the table with an unknown biryani lover though. Food is served on banana leaves, so get your hands dirty while eating the Chicken Naati Biryani {country chicken biryani}. Oh, and if you got a cold or a bad throat, there’s that peppery leg soup that you can order. Your meal, if you are dining alone, shouldn’t cost you more than INR 300.


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