This Place In SG Palya Dishes Out Authentic Malabari Biryani At Just INR 110 A Plate

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Started by two biryani enthusiasts, Biryani Pedia specialises in Malabar-style cuisine and biryanis, of course.

Who Is It For?

For biryani lovers and enthusiasts. For those looking for a good plate of biryani at absolutely rock bottom prices. A plate just costs INR 110.

What's The Ambience Like?

This is a tiny place in SG Palya. Located in a corner, Biryani Pedia can only cater to a few people at a time. Six tables is all you will get. The decor draws a lot of inspiration from Kerala, the birthplace of this menu.

Must Eat

Guys, they make very good kappa {tapioca} biryani here. So you must keep track of when they do offer it on the menu. This is not a regular thing though, because their menu keeps changing according to the day’s special. But what they regularly offer is their chicken and vegetable biryanis. Plus, Biryani Pedia also doles out chicken stews, vegetable korma, Meat Varattiyath and other Malabari favourites.

How Was My Experience?

On the day we dined here, the chef was around and he made recommendations himself and we are glad we went along with those. Especially because the chicken biryani we ordered was really good. The biryani uses fragrant, short grain rice and was not loaded with too much masala. If you are not in the mood for their chicken version, do try the egg option which comes with lots of caramelised onions and lovely spices. And the best part are the prices, because it will just cost you just INR 200 per person.


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