This Pop-Up Restaurant Will Have You Dining Blindfolded And Has A New Menu Everyday

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Blindfold, a restaurant in RT Nagar, is doing things a bit differently, by having you blindfolded throughout your meal. 

With Our Eyes Closed

If you love to dive into new experiences just as much as we do, we’ve got news that might tickle your fancy. About six months old, Blindfold is a restaurant that’s about getting all our senses {apart from sight} involved in our dining experience. When you’re here you’ll be wearing a blindfold throughout your meal, letting your other four senses take charge. What’s more, there will be a few activities that’ll get you working with your nose, tongue, hands and ears before you get started with the food, just to get you warmed up. To make it even more exciting, the menu changes every single day. A pre-curated three-course meal, you’ll be in for a surprise as you’ll have no idea what’s in store. With vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, their veg experience will cost you INR 500 and the non-veg meal is priced at INR 550 per person. From North Indian to French cuisines, they’ll keep switching it up, so you’re always in for a treat.

Don't Turn A Blind Eye

The place is only open for lunch from 12.30pm to 1.30pm, high tea from 3.30pm to 6.30pm {the high tea experience is priced at INR 300}, and dinner 7pm to 10pm. A one-hour-long experience, you can reserve your spot to be on the safer side, even though they do entertain walk-ins if they’re not full. But make sure you don’t procrastinate as this one’s a pop-up restaurant, and is only going to be around for a year. So hurry up and pay them a visit before they relocate to another city.

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