From Brush Lettering To Clay Figurine Making: Learn New Arts & Crafts Skills At This Studio

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A studio exclusively designed for crafters and artists, Bloom & Grow has regular events, workshops and classes for everything from block printing to graphite drawing.

What Makes It Awesome

When Carol Pinto took a break from her corporate job to open Bloom & Grow (in 2012), she was driven by her passion for design, and arts and crafts. While it was initially an alternative learning space for children, going beyond music and dance classes to explore different crafts, the concept quickly caught on. And, before long, the place turned into a platform for crafters, artists and hobbyists to come together, work or collaborate as well as share their knowledge through the many workshops and classes. Apart from the regular events hosted and organised here, Bloom & Grow also doubles up as a co-working space for the artsy folks.

Open for anyone over the age of six, they have regular classes as well as workshops, headed and, often, even designed by artistes (includes experts as well as self-taught ones). From talks to hands-on sessions, these are perfect for an amateur and don’t require you to have in-depth knowledge of the subject. With prices starting upwards of INR 900, you can learn skills like brush lettering, mosaic art, terracotta jewellery making, one stroke painting and creating 3D murals. We love that these include some as diverse as the Japanese dyeing technique, Shibori, to even sessions on making clay figurines. 


They have corporate workshops too, so you can take your colleagues here for a fun art session while also building team engagement.

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