Ten-second takeaway

Print isn’t going anywhere, as Blossom Book House, one of Bangalore’s beloved second-hand bookstores, can attest.

Your time will be booked here

This is a booklover’s paradise: whatever your heart desires, you shall find here. We’re often lost right on the ground floor, at the shelf that stocks books from Bertrand Russell’s A History of Western Philosophy to beginner’s introductions to Marx and Foucault and the latest Navayana books. Right behind that is a shelf of the most curious second-hand books, typically coffee-shop books on furniture or home decor; we’ve also spied obscure Sanskrit dictionaries, old books of sheet music, travelogues, rare comic books, manga, and even LPs. Here is also where you’re likely to run into ever-knowledgeable, ever-pleasant owner Mayi Gowda, whom you should turn to should you have any queries, or if you’re just in need of a chat.

Three floors of books await you

Of course, there’s plenty to look for on the fiction floor {which also houses books on crime, romance, poetry, and plays}. You’ll see here how this bookstore has sustained many a struggling English lit. student who’s unable to buy first-hand copies of novels. You’ll find classics from the princely sum of INR 60 upwards. On your way up, take in news of upcoming plays, festivals, and workshops from the posters lining the wall next to the staircase. On the top floor you’ll find a charming collection of cookbooks, as well as books on history, gardening, management, and other subjects.

And finally

As is usual, when you’re finally done with your haul and preparing to leave, you’re sure to find new desirables at the check-out counter: the latest graphic novels, or books about Bangalore.

There’s good reason Mayi Gowda’s Blossom Book House occupies such a central spot in the city’s cultural life, including collections such as the website Overheard at Blossoms. It helps you remember why we still need bookshops and your Kindle can never replace the nostalgic smell associated with real books. Here’s a bookshop that acts as a space of possibility, a place to silently imagine new worlds while Church Street blares on outside. Bring a trolley for your haul. A pair of hands or a regular backpack may not suffice. 

Where: 84/6, Church Street

When: 10.45am-9pm

Contact: 080 25320400, 25559733

Check out their website here.

Featured image via: Shailaja Rangarajan