Moving House Is Now As Easy As Booking A Cab, Thanks To Blow Horn

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Essentially a truck rental service, they leave it to you to figure what to transport! From laundry to furniture or even your whole home, just Blow Horn, and they’ll be right over.

What Is It?

In an app or website format, Blow Horn is a real hidden gem of a service in a city swarming with apps. A logistics start up in a simple website and app format, all you need to do is key in From Area and To Area and the date and time you want a mini truck to arrive at your doorstep. Then just load it up with whatever you need transferred to wherever, and voila! Oh, they also have people who’ll help you move for INR 200 per person.

Who Is It For?

It’s perfect for moving anything that can’t fit in your car. And since there’s no haggling, you might as well get them to move things that do fit in your car, but you don’t want the hassle of packing and moving. It’s also wonderful for lazy people to take a month {or two} worth of laundry to Mum’s place!

How Was My Experience?

I’ve used it extensively in the past few weeks – to move house and to move office. Both times it was a real blessing to have Blow Horn around. I was sceptical initially, and frankly, didn’t even expect them to turn up at 9am. But when I got a call at 8.58am, and the gentleman told me he was waiting downstairs, I was most impressed. And things only got better.

Three professional movers came along, and in just about 30 minutes, my drawing room was bare, and the truck was loaded with everything. We even got to my new place, unpacked stuff, and returned for round two within the hour. Full points to them for being careful, quick and most pleasant.


Make sure that each truck load is under 800 kilos. The mini trucks don’t carry more than that. Also, while they promise instant service, it’s smarter to pre-book.

Check out the website here, or download the Android app here.


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