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Bluecat Paper

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What Makes It Awesome

No trees were harmed in the making of paper by this brand. Bluecat Paper makes and sells paper that's good for us, local businesses, the environment, and anything that requires the use of paper! What about handmade paper isn’t awesome? Bluecat Paper takes it a step further by making the paper with farming by-products. The base materials are sourced locally, pulped naturally (cooked and beaten), and dyed ethically to create textured sheets. 

Bluecat’s papers are mainly made from cotton (waste hosiery from garment units), mulberry, banana plant fibre, coffee husk, corn husk, and even lemongrass! These are dyed with plant and other natural based dyes, so the papers feel and look earthy. Available plain and with screen print designs, the thicker papers are used for making containers, book covers, tissue holders and coasters. Thinner ones can be used for writing, art, packaging, and anything that requires pliable paper really. 

They employ local artisans and designers to bring together the best of both local talent and contemporary design. A pack of 24 sheets of plain paper is INR 300, gift bags at INR 160 and a set of four (paper mache) coasters is INR 250. A portion of their inventory is available for sale online, and right here on LBB! 


Those of you in living in Bangalore, feel free to visit their store in Peenya to get a better feel of the products and possibly get a sneak peak of the process. 


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