Couples, Now You Can Make Memories Forever By Enlisting The Services of This Casting Studio

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It could your hand or that of your SO. Or even your pooches. Or if you are newly engaged or married, the two of you can get your hands cast as well. Saca The Casting Studio can turn all that into a work of art that you can gift yourself.

Cast Away

Devika Kamath’s foray into the world of casting began when she wanted to cast her late pupper’s paw. A make-up artist and special effects professional, Saca {pronounched sacha} is something she’s doing part-time. Couple of months old, Saca has done projects that involve hands {baby ones as well}, couple hands, and even paws. In what is a quick two-minute procedure, all you need to do is make a trip down to Devika’s studio in Yelahanka. Using a jelly-powder of alginate moulding mix that perfectly captures all the details, all you need to do is dip your hand into the mould for it to set {10 seconds tops}. Once the mould has set, it’s when Devika does her magic and turn the cast into a work of art. A process that takes four to five weeks, you can choose from eight types of paint finishes, including polished and metallic finishes as well as antique, wax finishes.

Now, we are thinking of zillions of ideas that you can do with this body casting activity. For starters, how about getting a cool face cast? You know like the one the Phantom from Phantom of Opera wore? Or how about getting your pupper’s tiny little paw cast? Sounds so cute, right? Or the if you are newly engaged/married, then how about getting your hands cast, complete with the ring and all? Sounds uber romantic, right?

Casting A Price

Now, since this is an activity that you can do with your SO or baby or even better pooch, so there’s a price to pay. But don’t let the price point put you off because in return you are getting a memory so tangible that you can cherish it forever. The price for getting a couple’s hand cast is around INR 8,000 while it’s INR 5,000 for getting babies hand or feet. Pets’ paw casts also start at INR 5,000. Single body casting starts at INR 4,000.

Devika is available on call {+91 99005 30220} to fix up an appointment as she does this part-time and walk-ins aren’t allowed. You can also send her a message via her Facebook page. Check out the page here.

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