Bombay Brasserrie Is Perfect For A Date Night As Well As For Those Who Love Desi Khana

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Bombay Brasserrie makes a pit stop at a Bangalore after Chennai, Coimbatore and Calcutta. The restaurant is impossibly pretty, and the food is desi with a slightly gimmicky soul.

Chow Down

Marathi Jhinga Mirch, Naga Ghost Pepper Wings, Galawati Kebab, Mario’s Mango Prawns & Coconut Rice

Sip On

Pauwa cocktails such as the Nagpuri Santra

Winning For

Really pretty ambience

Lowdown On The Ambience

Bombay Brasserrie is quite the stunner in terms of looks and if you are a regular like me on 12th Main, you will not fail to see this blue and white themed restaurant. While the indoor area is strewn with knick knacks such as traditional tiffin boxes from Kadaikudi, vintage typewriters and upcycled tables, it is the al fresco area that is even more promising. Lit up by twinkling lights in the evening and pretty lamps, this is a place for a romantic date night. But somehow the atmosphere is too pretty for the mess you are going to be making with all kinds of gravies and curries you are going to be eating.

What's On The Menu?

We started with an assortment of papads served with a plethora of chutneys such as mango, tamarind, tomato and mint. Our Galawati Kebabs served on mini coin parathas, didn’t need dentures to be able to enjoy them, so soft they were. The Naga chilli chicken wings were to come with a kick of the bhoot jholokia, but wasn’t too spicy. But the Marathi Prawns {guys, Marathi is the language and not the region}  are a must-have here — prawns stir fried in a spicy green chilli peanut mince and tempered with chillies and garnished with coconut flakes.

Our mains included Coast to Coast chicken curry, a South-style chicken cooked in a tomato gravy and spiked with mustard and curry leaves, to be mopped up with seeds studded mini rotis. While the kali daal was standard and the Chur Chur Paratha needed some ghee, we couldn’t get enough of the Mario’s Mango Prawns served with coconut rice. If you are looking for authentic regional dishes, then you are in the wrong place because most of the dishes here come with a fair bit of improvising. Oh, and the Pauwa cocktails served in actual quarter bottles deserve a mention too. Each of them come with chakhna. Our Nagpuri Santra {an orange, basil and vodka concoction} came with some spicy boiled chana.

So, We're Thinking...

While vegetarians have plenty of options here, we didn’t really like the Gunpowder Potatoes {the addition of capsicum was a mystery} and the Jaipur Kofta we tried in the past. We’re pretty much sticking to seafood and non vegetarian dishes here. Plus, full marks for the really good and not too sweet Anglo Indian Bread Pudding!


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