This Bakery Is Taking Doggie Treats To A Whole New Level With Its Cakes And Bites

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What Makes It Awesome

Throwing the pupper a party? How about a customised cake just for him and his furry buddies? Bone Appetite, a bakery that deals with cakes and treats exclusively for dogs, is making sure the doggies don’t miss out on the sweet (and savoury) stuff. Working on a made-to-order basis, the bakery takes in orders and then whips up all the doggie bites you need with a whole lotta love. From bone-shaped cakes to Chicken Hearts. a dog treat with wheat flour, oats, eggs and chicken mixed in, there’s plenty here that guarantees a happy dog belly for you to rub. Bone Appetite will have one made exactly how you want and make sure the ingredients and measurements are suitable for the furrier members of the dining table. 

Run by dog lovers Priya and Shruti, two ladies who grew up in a household with many doggies, they believe that dogs should be fed with foods made with as much love and quality ingredients as humans are given. They claim to use quality skim milk, wheat germ, pure honey, whole wheat flour, oats and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in their food. And they put the goodies through yet another test by making sure all the treats are doggy-approved by their own brood of pooches. So give the doggy a well-deserved pampering by placing your orders through LBB's Enquire Now feature. 


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