Bookworms! Crawl Your Way Through These Bookstores In Koramangala

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What we love about Koramangala is that it has a nice mix of everything, from lively pubs and laidback cafes to cultural spaces and parks. The hood also boasts of quite a few bookstores, offering tomes across different genres and languages. Whether it’s that newly launched book, a translated work of a regional classic or something for your little ones, Koramangala’s pick of bookshops will have you sorted. What’s more, some of them come with charming cafes, art spaces or even other shopping options.


A cosy and charming independent bookstore along the lane to Jyoti Nivas College, Bookstop! might be easily missed amidst all the cafes and restaurants in the area. While they do have a varied selection of fiction, non fiction and management books (all curated by the owner, Jayanti), what we love here is their children’s book collection. This is where you can pick up picture books like The Missing Piece Meets The Big O as well as graphic novels of classics like Macbeth for your little one. They even have an entire cabinet of rare titles for kids, we hear. Their array of tomes on current affairs and popular science (think works by the likes of Richard Dawkins and Oliver Sacks) also deserve a thumbs up.

In Touch Books & Magazines

A relatively small store in the Koramangala BDA Complex, In Touch stocks a little of everything, whether it’s the sappy romance of Mills & Boon or Edward de Bono’s tomes on lateral thinking. They also have a nice little collection to start your kids off on — picture books, abridged versions of popular works and illustrated encyclopedias. Along with non-fictional works, they stock dictionaries and reference texts (owing to the colleges nearby, we’re guessing), and a selection of magazines, from Vogue to Autocar. There's even an extensive range of Kannada books.

Sapna Book House

Touted to be the country’s largest book mall, this is where you’ll find books, magazines and journals across different genres. There's even stationery, gifts, multimedia accessories, movies, music, board games and even certain outdoor sports equipment. Along with tomes, comics also have a place of prominence at Sapna Book House. Think rows of neatly stacked Tintin, Phantom, Batman, Captain America and Chhota Bheem comics, all vying for your or the little one's attention. Students (across education boards) looking for texts or reference books, this is where your search will probably end. Read more about it here.

Atta Galatta

While Atta Galatta is known for being a performance space that hosts regular cultural events, it was originally started as a regional language bookstore and still sticks to the theme. The charming space is just perfect for you to sit back and get lost in a book (with a cup of coffee from their cafe), or you could even buy them. Apart from English, their collection includes works in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Bengali. Want a copy of that old Tamil book which you can’t find anywhere else? Let them know and they might get it for you.

Book Fair

This isn't really a book fair. More like a large space selling books of all genres, be it educational, fictional, non-fiction, spiritual or even text books for the little ones. This one's a large space with books aligned in long tables and open cabinets. Here, you can get your Murakamis to your Kannada Kali Nali at prices that are extemely affordable. We especially loved the deals they have on books wherein you can pick a certain number of books at a discounted price. Watch (and read) more about the brand here.

Pro Tip

Hollo there, bookworms. If you're on the prowl for that one limited edition book or this one elusive title that places in this list do not have possession of, try these bookstores smattered around the city and we're sure, you'll get what you're looking for. 

Absolute bookworm, self-confessed chocoholic and daydreamer, Roshni enjoys bingeing on movies when she isn't lost in a novel or indulging her sweet tooth. Relatively new to the city, she loves its quirks and chaos just as much as its fun side.