New To Town? Boriya Bistar Delivers Bed, Bath And Kitchen Essentials

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What Makes It Awesome

Moving to a new city can be quite the hassle. The minute you step into your new place, you’ve got to figure out how and where to buy the essentials from. Here’s where Boryia Bistar makes a difference. Selling bedding, bath and kitchen packs at low prices, all you’ve got to do is place an order on their website, fill in your details, and within 24 hours, they’ll deliver it to you for free. This way, you don’t have to worry about language barriers, transportation issues or figuring out where to get what.

There’s two types of packs you can choose from, either a Bundle or a Solo pack, and they come in Basic, Premium or Luxury ranges. A Bundle comprises a bedding set with a mattress, linen, a comforter, a pillow and a hand towel, plus kitchen essentials such as a plate, spoon, fork, bowls, knife, water bottle, and a bath set consisting of hangers, a bucket and a mug. A Solo bath pack starts INR 750, while the linen pack (minus the mattress} starts at INR 1,350. The stand-alone cotton mattress (INR 600) is the most affordable on the list, but if you’ve got some more money to spare, you could go for a foam or spring mattress. The free home delivery is the icing on the cake, making something as stressful as moving into a new place a breeze. Migrants everywhere can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. Click on Enquire Now to chat with them and place your orders.