We Have Found Our 2 AM Bestie And He Serves Bread Omelette, Boost And Badam Milk

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Hunger strikes anytime, but luckily enough we have found just the man to sort you out. And he’s open till 4 in the morning every day. Hurrah!

Dial D For Danush

In times of great hunger and failed online food delivery orders, a trip to this makeshift stove-on-a-cycle kiosk just behind Big Kidskemp near Trinity Circle on MG Road is what you need. Mr Danush, the affable chap who runs this nondescript kiosk, has been saving thousand of Bangaloreans from late-night hunger pangs and cravings for the last 15 years or so. Originally from Pondicherry, the man knows hunger is unpredictable and random, and so come rain or hail, a plate of bread omelette and a cup of Boost or coffee are what awaits you between 8 pm to 4 am daily. Oh, and did we mention that the Old Monk bottle he uses as a makeshift lamp is an absolute DIY-inspiration? Check out the #LBBTip on how to make one. He’s parked at the SBI Bank’s shaded parking lot. You won’t miss that golden glow from the lamp.

The Hunger Savior

A Tasty video material, you need to see for yourself how Danush makes them bread omelettes. Two beaten eggs, seasoned with spices and topped with onions are spread on a tawa. A few seconds later, on top goes four slices of bread. Half a minute of cooking and you’ll be feasting on piping hot bread omelettes. We absolutely loved it and no it isn’t the hunger that was talking. It’s lit, as millennials who frequent this place would say. Oh, and our man has ketchup and green chutney to go with your omelettes as well. Tea, coffee, Boost, and badam milk are the drink staples, and on a cool night, the INR 15 Boost or badam milk does warm you up. Tea and coffee are INR 10 each. So, basically for under INR 60 your hunger is appeased. Thank us already or call us when you are going here.

So, We Are Thinking...

Danush is god-sent and we leave it there.


Get an empty {if not, we’ll help} Old Monk bottle, fill it with kerosene or oil, and pop in a wick, and light it up. Voila!


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