Pancakes To Bagels: Five Places To Tuck Into Giant Breakfasts In Indiranagar

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Eat breakfast like a king and we tell you how! From breakfast cocktails to sinful pancakes and German sausages to granola jars, we tell you where to get your fix of gigantic breakfasts right here in Indiranagar.

Smoke House Deli

From cereals to granola and pancakes (chocolate chip, banana and bacon) to breakfast bagels (cream cheese, smoked salmon, tenderloin and mustard), you will be spoilt for choice at Smoke House Deli. Plus, an entire section dedicated to eggs done in styles such as fried (with bacon and parmesan or chorizo or sausage and more), omelettes (chicken sausage and cheese, smoked salmon and Philly anyone?) and skillet fried eggs served with hash brown, grilled tomatoes, and toast. Don’t forget to go through their elaborate section on teas and single origin coffees from all over the world.

Cafe Terra

At Cafe Terra, the full English breakfast is a whopper with bacon, sausages, eggs, and slices of bread. There’s also hash browns, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, and potatoes to wolf down. Finish up with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or a refreshing juice. Choose from the "Big" Breakfast options for a full-fledged English brekkie (for those who love a hearty breakfast), the "Not So Big" Breakfast options and "Keep It Simple" Breakfast options at Cafe Terra.

Ants Cafe

Though not as fancy as its other counterparts in swanky Indiranagar, Ants Cafe breakfasts are known for their generous portions and budget pricing. Choose from a long list of teas, coffee, and smoothies to start your breakfast here. Move onto their combo breakfasts (English Breakfast, All The Best Waffle Breakfast, Green Garden and Potato Blast) or settle simply for fried eggs or omelettes on toast, French toast or pancakes drizzled with Maple syrup.

Cafe Max

First, choose your bread: white, whole wheat or multigrain, then settle on the Omelette breakfast (stuffed with cheese, mushroom, masala, ham and more), Framer's Breakfast served with eggs with sautéed onions and potatoes and bacon, or Pancakes (two homemade pancakes with whipped cream,  maple syrup, and fresh fruits or roasted bacon). You can also opt for the relatively healthier Granola breakfast where a homemade version with oats, mixed nuts, seeds, and dried fruits served with milk and honey. French toast, French crepes, and Greek Yogurt are other options. Weekends promise a breakfast buffet with all of the above on the menu plus cheese toast and baked beans.


From breakfast combos to overnight mason jars, Ecstasy in Indiranagar has a whole lot of breakfast options for you to choose from. Try their Big Brekkie which is served with toast, butter, cocktail sausage, eggs, hash browns, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, bacon, and sauteed mushrooms. If you want something lighter then choose from fried eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side up, eggs benedict and Montreal eggs. They also serve overnight mason jars such as Oats In A Jar and Ecstasy Granola In A Jar. Find stuffed croissants, and pancakes as well here.


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