Dosas, Military Hotel Mutton Pulav And Idlis: You’ve Gotta Hit The Breakfast Trail In Chickpet

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They call it the most important meal of the day and it sure is! Breakfast is meant to be eaten like a king. And if you happen to be in the Chickpet area, you have a real shot at eating like royalty. From masala dosas at iconic establishments to street food vendors doling out fluffy idlis and military hotels serving up plates of pulav – you’ll cover all bases here. Here are the must-try breakfast joints in Chickpet.

SGS Non Veg Gundu Pulav

If you’d like your first meal of the day to be hearty and meaty, this is the place for you. Settle in and they’ll bring you donnes {bowls fashioned from leaves} filled with mutton {or chicken} biryani that’s paired with a spicy gravy and a helping of raita. You can also chomp on plates of kababs and lollipops. And wash it all down with a fizzy drink.

Chikkanna Tiffin Room

Ranking high on every dosa lover’s list, Chikkanna is a humble joint that served up fresh-off-the-tawa masala dosas on banana leaves. The golden-brown dosas are crispy and served with a creamy coconut chutney. Their Set {Khali} Dosa is popular too and is a great pick if you prefer your dosa to taste like a fluffy cloud of yumminess.

Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan

Housed in a charming, retro-style building, this restaurant does brisk business in the early hours. In the busy dining room, that’s been inviting customers in since 1926, you can take your pick from a pretty extensive menu. Their Sagu Dosa comes stuffed with a slightly creamy vegetable mixture while their Rice Bhath is loaded with spices and sure does kickstart your day.

New Govind Rao Military Hotel

One of the best-loved military hotels around, NGV is over 108 years old and still killing it! For brekkie, you can dive into heaps of Mutton Pulav made in the local style and served up on plates fashioned from leaves. And you can have it as early as 6am! With the Pulav, you can chomp on a variety of meat fries.

Avenue Road Food Carts

Those of you who swear by street food are in for a treat on Avenue Road. In the wee hours of the morning, before the hawkers and shops open for business, the street is lined with nameless carts that serve up fluffy idlis doused in chutney, piping hot dosas, and even rice dishes. You can eat a hearty meal for less than INR 50 here.


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