Escape An Island And A Crime Scene: Do You Have It In You To Break Out In 60 Minutes?

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Touted to be the city’s first live escape room, Breakout is so realistic, you’ll actually start getting worried as the clock inches to 60 minutes.

Blurred lines

Beautifully {read: creepily} blurring the lines between reality and fiction, Breakout currently hosts three live-escape rooms, each more mind-boggling and exciting than the other. Our favourite, Classified, is the slightly sinister one which is similar to Shutter Island. You’ll find yourself in Ashcliffe, a mental asylum which houses the most hardened criminals on a deserted island called Sharktopus. Mysteriously, 13 inmates are found dead with seven more missing along with a nurse. And as much as your MI6 agent instincts {yes, we were officially feeling like James Bond here!} say there’s more to it than meets the eye, you can’t do much. Captured, handcuffed and locked in a room, you need to figure out how to escape the shackles first before cracking the island’s enigma or be locked inside forever. All you have is your wit and a creepy message on the wall that reads ‘It Was More Fun In Hell’ to get you going.

Mission: Accomplised?

If that is too much for you, perhaps go back in time to Murder Mystery, to solve the murder of poor Mr. Shourik Sen, Calcutta. Found dead on October 23, 1987, just after the World Cup cricket match between New Zealand and Zimbabwe in Eden Gardens, you need to crack the mystery. The kicker though is that if you don’t get your clues, facts and evidence within the hour, you’ll be declared the murderer. The final option is Rescue Mission, to save a kidnapped girl. But the catch here is that while the chamber she’s locked in can easily be found, there’s harmful rays inside {remember Sean Connery’s Entrapment?} and one wrong move could kill you and the innocent girl. Are you ready to take on this daunting challenge?

So we’re thinking…

While we do like the other escape rooms in town, this one certainly has an edge of reality that makes it that bit more exciting. We found it more solid in terms of storyline as well as how they’ve created the plot – cryptic but not incredulous.

Where: 27, NMR Building, 1st Floor, 100 Feet Intermediate Ring Road, Opposite HDFC Bank and Bharat Petroleum, Srinivagilu Tank (ST) Bed Layout, Koramangala

When: 1.30pm-10pm

Contact: +91 9538974275

Price: INR 499 per person (2-5 players)

Find them on Facebook here.


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