Move Over Pizza: Brik Oven's Breakfast Of Breads, Bagels & Bacon Are Here!

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OK, no please don't move over, pizza, you're still my #1, but boy do the breads at Brik Oven make breakfast a great option at their Indiranagar and Palace Road outlets. We checked it out on a bright November morning, and it is a whole different vibe; especially at the Palace Road outlet, in the al fresco area. 

Pick from lattes, cappuccinos and espressos for a warm beverage (or hot chocolate!) and then swiftly move onto the main deal - breakfast. I ordered the rosemary baked beans on toast, and it was fantastic. While the baked beans are peppery and tasty, the bread makes all the difference. Crunchy but not hard, and with a hint of butter on it, it was light enough to want more sides of rosemary potatoes, eggs or bacon if you want something meaty. The roasted vegetable bagel was next, and though a messy affair to eat, was a delight for Saturday morning, full with cream cheese, chives, heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, onions and more. We don't judge how elegant one looks while eating!

I've also had their Club and Ham & Cheese sandwich which are really substantial as they don't hold back on the fillings. The sandwiches are made with their house-baked sour dough bread, so expect them to be have a hard crust and super soft inside. So if you plan to skip lunch, then the sandwiches are for you. If not, pick from the breakfast menu which is just that...breakfast.

Other all-out breakfast options include Burrata Toast, Smoked Beef Toast, Blue Cheese, Figs & Chives on toast and even a simple bread & toast. 

With a coffee, the breakfast for two comes to about INR 1,000, and is a good option if you don't want a buffet and want to skip the idli, dosa, vadas on weekends. 

Pro Tip

They also have unlimited Sangria - white, red or rose wine versions, for INR 899. Or go fancy with Mimosas and Bellinis for INR 999!


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